Yesterday taught me a new lesson. It is possible to get bruises from your bicycle seat. I have bruises in places I didn’t know existed to be bruised. Ow. So, the next time someone asks me if I want to go on a ‘bike ride’, my answer (should my judgement not be impaired) will be an emphatic “NO”.

Mum and Dad invited me to go on a ride with them. Okay. My idea of a ride does not include 2 and a half hours of riding from here to hither and yon. For those of you familiar with Eugene – we rode from our house all the way out past Valley River Center to River Park (and got lost a couple times). Ow.

Aside from the expected knee pain I found that sitting on my seat eventually hurt a lot. This morning I was not surprised to find bruises. Fuun.

Anyway. It was madness, complete madness. I’m writing this mostly so I don’t fall into that trap again. Ever. But, two positive notes, I managed to mail the package and we stopped at Cafe Zenon for the most decadent chocolate creme pie I’ve ever had. That place is deadly.

In other news, Frew-Frew has recieved my yarn – and here be a pic:

the top, green, skein is 100% baby alpaca – I painted the locks before combing it. The bottom, curl, skein is painted mohair locks spun into a curl yarn and bound with my handspun thread (merino/ silk/ alpaca blend). I was so proud of myself. Mostly because I managed to spin the mohair without itching too badly :D Together, they make up about 150 yards of worsted weight yarn. Yay.

And, lookie lookie, at what arrived yesterday:
My hanging needle case! From Avian Flight.

Here it is, hanging (flap pinned up) on my wall:

How cool is that? She used really nifty quilted fabric for the outter layer and the prettiest turquoise inner fabric. With copper ribbons. Yummy. I’ve already divided my needles – the smaller ones in this one, and the larger ones in my other case. Coolies.

Now, all I need to do is send AV a thank-you PM, and respond to about a billion messages I have waiting for me. (moan) I’ll do that after dinner. Eeek, what am I going to make for dinner?


  1. I’ve been asking myself that same question. About dinner that is. It’s a pretty common question for myself actually. I am sad that I didn’t get the dress at Hussey’s but I’ll blog about that later. We didn’t spend much time there, but it’s worth talking about.

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