My sister just called – she’s going into labor! Iee! Babybabybaby!!! She’s 1cm dialated already! Ack. I’m not ready! (Yes, I know how completely irrelevant my state-of-mind is to this process) I’m strongly resisting the urge to call her to see how everything’s going. But, that would probably annoy her, so I’ll be good.

Breathe. Okay. I’ll find out more as it goes along.

Also a part of today, I recieved another installment from simplyfussfree for the IYP3 Swap! OMG, I have got to make the COOLEST sox ever for this girl! Look at what she sent me! Pink!

And, then, also in the mail – me, published! Ack. Look! It says “by Sara Morris” and everything! It goes on for pages and pages… and, just, whoa. I’m, like, actually a scholar or something…

I need to send a thank you note to the editor (he sent me 5 copies!).

Okay, I’m going to go ply some handspun and breathe. Breathing = important. OMG.


  1. Hey, are you going to Flock and Fiber next month? I’m torn for many reasons about going. Also, I started on the new craft center fliers today.

  2. I totally want a copy of that publication. That way I can show it off to my friends and say, “I know someone who’s PUBlished!” (Not to mention the topic is more than intriguing.)

    By the by, I’m hoping to send a little something something your way soon … And happy almost baby time!

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