I must be getting old if I can’t remember that. Or something. Harrumph.

To respond to everyone’s congrats, thank you! I’m so excited. I get to make PINK baby clothes, tehe. Guess what Emily? I have two more people to add to your 8/24 b-day list – S, the baby’s grandmother, and B the baby’s great-grandfather. Ohmy, eh?

No name as of yet. I bet A’s still recovering. A day’s worth of labor, iee.

I’m going to try and sew a pair of Scrubs trousers. We’ll see how that works. My goal for today, really, is to try and organize the sewing room/ guest room. So I can get all the requisite materials to sew said trousers.

D’s blanky is coming along.

Dad and Emm are off camping/ fishing to the North for the next couple of days. Mum will be working ’til midnight tonite. It’s a shame I didn’t organize a knitter’s rave, or something, isn’t it? Ahwell. I should go and get some work done…


  1. A knitter’s rave would be wicked dangerous with all those needles being waved about….. HECK we even have the lighty up ones now…. it was meant to be!

    When I was pregnant, the Mister and I agreed on names at least a week before the due date (Stephieface kids have a habit of staying in longer) that was always the deal. At the last hospital I was at they ask you what you’re naming the baby after the babe pops out…. then they decorate the little wheelie cribby thingie with their names in gender appropriate colored paper. This was a good thing so I could remember who to blame my after birth stupor on ;)

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