I always scold myself and others for not carrying a camera, cuz you can always use it. So, what did I do yesterday? Forget to bring my camera with me on my various ‘exploits’. Ha. Sunday was a looong day. It didn’t help that I was sick with something. I hate sore throats.

I had agreed to help M set up an antique floor loom her mother had bought her for her birthday (this Thursday). So, I dragged Dad and his tool kit (well, one of them) to her house. Upon arriving, we saw that she had a gorgeous high castle Swedish style counterbalance. Handmade in the 1920’s from either maple or cherry (I say cherry). She had the frame together but needed help with figuring out the sheds, reed, etc.

We got it all done in about an hour, and it looked reallyreally cool. This is where the camera would have been a bonus. Seriously. She has ‘Penelope’ set up in her front room, next to the unused fireplace and her spinning wheel. How… quaint. (sigh).

We then headed over to McMenamins for the weekly knitting thing the Guild hosts (we still don’t have a name…). Dinner was okay. I’m sick of pub grub, and I think we’ll be changing locales soon enough, since I’m not the only one. It turned out that D had brought her pinstripe corset (I had complained at DeFarge’s about never having seen it completed), so once we’d eaten, grabbed ice cream, and sat down at the concert – we laced her in. It might have been a better idea, we all agreed, to have laced her in before she ate, but ohwell. It looked cool, she looked cool – if a bit upright – and I (again) didn’t have my camera.

But, something interesting – M, D, and I have agreed that we should start a Corset-A-Long. D has offered up her studio apartment for weekly meetings, and we’ve agreed to order the coutille, boning, etc, in bulk. We just need to find another Eugenian or two who’ll be interested. Emmos? Bon? Anyone?

I have two corsets I’m working on, so I’m waaay into this idea. We’re thinking of officially starting in the Fall. Think about it, guys. Corsets are a great way to test your sewing ability. And look damned hot after.

Anyway. After all that I stayed up late watching Sharpe’s Justice and Sharpe’s Waterloo. Damn Sean Bean for being so sexy in Regency clothes. I liked Sharpe’s Waterloo the best, yet, I think. Mostly because it focused on historical war tactics/ events. The society stuff is interesting, but it’s all familiar to me already. Also, damn the BBC in general. I’m addicted to their programming.

In Baby News – my sister has sent me another, absolutely adorable!, baby photo – see, there is a photo in this post!. Here’s K (A’s partner) with baby T, cuddling:

How cute is that??? Coocoocoo.

I’m so carrying this one around on me to show to everyone I can accost. (snicker).

In Knitting News – I have over 12″ of the Tempting II done (only 4″ left!), so soon I’ll be CO the sleeves. (rejoicing). then I’ll be back to the IYP3 sox and pantae. Knitknitknit. I think I’m going to go and find something to watch, now…

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  1. Bon is not a seamstress. The sewing machine and I are not friends. I can manage crappily sewn pj pants and that’s about it. So, I think I’ll have to pass on the corset. I’m up for hanging out if you’ll let me have a different project though.

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