because i can’t think properly to come up with a title. yep.

stuff to know:

  1. i stayed up til 3 am finishing my tempting 1.5 (no longer a II)
  2. the real estate lady flaked again, after I scrubbed down my bathroom and everything
  3. costco is big, and they now have a pink sewing machine that i nearly have my Dad convinced is the machince for me – 6 button holes!
  4. m’s b-day party is in an hour and a half. i have cookies and a prezzie bag. i am covered.
  5. berry smoothies rock – rehydrating
  6. i hate the tempting II pattern – the neckband sucks
  7. the public library rocks – lace books!
  8. jeffrey on project runway sucks. i want him off.
this is the result of #6, my tempting 1.5:

i tried the II neckband, and like many others hated it – so i came up with my own neckband – a modified tempting ribbon thingy. it’s scoopy. my mum says she’s not certain if it’s quite legal for me to wear this in public, since it makes me look even more stacked than usual. so, yeah – at least it’s done. i’ll try and get a pic of my in it later, if it’s not considered indecent ;)

i found a really cool lace book at the library, which i promise to share later. i want to take a nap right now. i have to find my bathing suit for M’s party – we’re going hot-tubbing supposedly – and eugh. i hate wearing a bathing suit. i’m not the only one, i know i know.

um, yeah. can’t think of anything else. my grammar is atrocious this post. sorry.

oh, the passion fruit are nearly ripe. i have no idea what to make with them, but hey. i’m gonna go work on the iyp3 sox. i want to nap…


  1. See, I love Jeffrey. Think he’s being overly angst ridden and jerk-like because of insecurities, but I love him, giant neck tattoo and all. He’s the kind of guy I totally would’ve fallen head over heels for when I was 16.

  2. I have a suggestion, since I think this is BEAUTIFUL and you MUST wear it!!!! Pop on a black tank-top under the sweater and leave Tempting down low on your shoulders. OMG, how gorgeous that would be with that ribbon!

  3. I’m a fan of your modified neckband. I definitely want to see some modeled photos! And hey, it took a French person to get Angela off the show … I can’t imagine what it will take for Jeffrey.

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