I FINALLY finished typing this monster out, my easy panta pattern. Long story short, several knitters have been nagging me for a copy of it (I just use the notes in my journal, can’t see why they don’t ;D). I figured out a US version/ equivalent to a (slightly weird) metric pattern on Craftster that was adapted from a Brazilian version of a Finnish pattern. Got that? I certainly didn’t.

Anyway. It’s done. People can’t nag me about it any longer. All I have to do is type up the patterns for sakura and the chiton tank now. le sigh. I’ll get to them, eventually. I just hate typing out patterns. How funny is that? I love to draw them out and write the math out in my journals, I just can’t stand formatting them.

Umm, I can’t remember what I was going to write about. My mind is all mushy. I applied for 3 jobs today and printed out more help wanted ads. lucky me. i think that’ll be all for now, since I’m so featherheaded right now. I need to update my sidebar


  1. Oh, I like that pattern! I’ve never heard of a panta before but I think I have some handspun that wants to be one! Thanks!!!

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