A friend of Dad’s, B, and his sister, are coming to visit tomorrow. Dad’s going all out and making a huge Mexican dinner. Emm and I got to clean, again. That’s the third time the front room has been vacuumed this week. Weird. I’m really exhausted. I think it’s allergies again, since my eyes and throat are raw and I have a horrible sinus headache.

I found, finally, on Costco’s website, a picture of the sewing machine I am coveting:

Only the one at my Costco is pink.
Reason enough to want it, aside from the too-cool specs.

Okay. Yeah. Responding to thingies. Yes, Emmos, I shall write out the owl pattern. My iPod is now working again, blah, so I don’t know what to do. Sachi and Crimson, I promise to model the modified neckband. Probably tomorrow.

Which brings me back to the whole dilema. Dad’s doing the gianormous Mexican Fiesta thing, and I have Guild from 5:3 – 7:3. Dad sorta, almost, pouted at the possibility of me being absent. I have to admit, my Dad’s tacos and enchiladas are much more tempting than McMenamins. But, I kinda want to get out and sit’n’knit with the group. I hate making decisions. Maybe I can come late, or something. And, then, there’s the question of who’ll give M a ride if I don’t go…

And, I was hoping to not only take pix tomorrow, but to also plan our Memorial Day shopping thing tomorrow. Also, I need to chat with Emmos about the Harlot’s visit.

Eck. Just. Eck. It’s exhausting to think about it.

In Knitting News, I am nearly done with one of the pantas for the IYP3 swap. Only 4 more to go. Or, something. Yeah. Need to finish sox.


  1. I thought shopping was only on Monday because of the coupon.
    If you want we could postpone the meeting until Monday, cuz there’s a concert then too (concert starts at 6:30).
    Let me know what you think, and maybe you can get feedback from D and M.

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