How come knitting groups don’t get cool names like that? I just love The Venture Bros. Can you totally tell? Having grown up on Johnny Quest, seeing a mature spoof of it just rocks. My parents think I’m crazy, but whatever – it makes me cackle.

But, it struck me tonight – what my ‘name’ could have been. Years ago, when we were forming the Guild and a Sheep-to-Shawl team, we somehow decided that we should all have titles (yes, we were/ kinda still are dorks). The two names/ titles I picked, my Guild-mates wouldn’t approve – the fibre maven (a nod to my Jewish heritage), or fyberduck (a nod to my Uni). My family and other friends said that it was because my names were too cool. Whatever. I held onto both for personal reasons. But, tonight, I realised what I could have been called – and the team members totally would have approved:

Sara-Asher, the Unfaithful (we had a Prepared and Steadfast, if I recall).

Why am I so mean to myself? Well, because I can ;) and because it’s true. Tonight, when I had the opportunity (the first in a long while) to work on my IYP3 Swap projects without any interruptions, I could only think about working on the Oregon Forest lace shawl. I finally put down my second panta and rummaged around in my “temporarily placed aside” bin to pull it out and work on it. So, after an hour of lace, I managed to buckle down and knit an inch worth of socks (I can start the heels after the lace repeat!) and I finished another panta:

Along with an inch of shawl, I admit it.

Even if Deepfriedkids is reading my blog (which I so seriously doubt) I am not spoiling the surprise since you can’t see the detail work on the pantas, they’re still undyed, and they haven’t be blocked. But, this is my way of acknowledging that I got the bloody things knit up. I don’t dare photograph the sox, that would ruin the surprise (le sigh), so… yeah. We’ll just have to wait. But, I astound myself often and I’m loving how these are turning out. Too cool.

I’m sure, as the Harlot puts it, the Muses will strike me down. But, I accept my knocks. It’s all good. Later today Emmos, M, and I are going yarn-sale hunting.

mwa. ha. ha.

I’m bringing the Viking Hat (if I don’t completely forget). Note to self: remind M and Emmos to bring their Viking Hats. And make them take away the Mexican food overwhelming our fridge (you’d think Dad was cooking for 30 and not 5). Anyway, it’s past midnight… getting sleepy.

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