… never. My Mum swears I inherited the Sale gene from her. Probably true. I’m having a hard time recalling ever buying something without a discount. Or haggling ;D My Mum has declared that she wants “Never Paid Retail” put on her tombstone more than once.

In any case, Ben Franklin Crafts had a Labor Day Sale today – 25% off on all yarn and 75% off on clearance, and we each got a 50% off coupon for one regular priced item. mwa. ha. ha.

I got a Swedish Umbrella Swift for 1/2-price (I need another one, my antique one deserves some babying), a circular needle case and Coconut yarn for 66% off, and some hemp for 25% off:

I love the swift. Mum and Dad ooh’d and aah’d over it, as it deserved. The circular needle case is already being used (yay!) and the Coconut has been CO (it’s a secret). I have NO IDEA what to do with the hemp. Ideas? Not a bag, please. I loooove the way hemp wears. I was thinking maybe a cloche or something hat-like. I have 150 yards, 90 grams, and it knits up to 5.5 sts/inch according to the tag.

After being practically thrown out of BFC’s, we headed over to Target to wreak havoc. Riight. M and I each got a pair of what we’re calling the “centurion sandals” – $5 on clearance. I can see why they never sold – they literally look like they were made for Roman warriors. I’ll take some pix of those later.

Outside of Target, I remembered that I had brought my Tempting 1.5 along, to get a photograph:

Please pardon the blurriness (M told a joke which made me and Emmos, who was holding the camera, laugh). I admit that maybe I shouldn’t have just pulled it on over a dress, but I think I should get Brownie Points for even remembering to get the pic taken.

Well, after spending too much money and taking completely unflattering pictures, we then headed back to my house – since Dad had made enough food to feed a third world country last night. Between the M, Emmos, Dad, and I we managed to at least decimate the food. Dad and I even managed to put the food into smaller containers (rejoicing!).

Okay, at some point after the girls left (fled) my brother and I got into an argument. I have been insisting (for months) that his bedroom smells. It does! (shudder) His response (instead of CLEANING said room) is that mine smells, too (mature, eh?). I will admit that it smells a bit like dry wool. Or alpaca. He says that counts as being smelly. Insert circular logic here –> if my room smells, then his can be as rank as he pleases.

Does wool-smell count? I LIKE the scent of wool and cotton and silk. I wouldn’t have a stash, otherwise. Any thoughts? My parents actually refused to give a response. Cowards. My Mum won’t approach my brother’s room. She says it gives her the creeps. I’m amazed he doesn’t have rats, or vultures!, in there.

I mean, he IS a teenaged boy and I can’t recall any teenager’s room in the history of mankind ever being clean (excluding intervention – divine, hired, or familial) – but there are limits. Every so often, my brother’s friends would insist that they wouldn’t visit him until he cleaned up a bit. How awful is that? But, now his friends have all moved away… iee.

Anyway. I just wanted to know if wool counts. I admit that I’m probably asking the wrong people. Who but wool-fiends would read this blog? But, I thought I’d try… I mean, I always store it with lavendar and pennyroyal… (perplexed). I wonder how it smells to other people? Musty, I bet. Non-knitters are weird creatures ;)


  1. Wool smells wonderful! – especially if it is really lanolin-y! Or wet wool – yummy! I would say the only time it does not smell lovely is when it is mixed up with that bad crowd called moth balls.

    I don’t even want to think about what a teenaged boy’s room would smell like – probably old sneakers and dirty laundry and who know what else????

  2. well, i have a hamster. despite constantly cleaning her cage she smells. so we bought her chinchilla bath dust which apparently she should like. she’s ignoring it. maybe she’s going through her teenage years? (she was born in feb we think).

    anyway, i’m insanely jealous of your swift. I get this interesting set up going involving my feet, my ears, a few stuffed animals and my noste. i miss ben franklin crafts. i have many memories of fun there.

    and of course your tempting looks quite nice.

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