I am so exhausted. Mostly because I stayed up past 4am modifying my account on Monster.com. Bleh. I got up at noon (such an earlier riser, I know) mostly because my alarm was set. After not doing any laundry, cooking, or cleaning (wow, huh?) I headed over to the Bookstore to grab the correct duck for the Harlot – who was having a signing this evening at Books Without Borders. I figured it be a nice thank-you for the free patterns on her blog, etc. Emmos took pix of it.

Anyway, enough rambling, I ran to the library to pick up HP#1 in Spanish (I’ve already started) and a Gathering of Lace (which is really a library book in my opinion). I then settled into the Strand (the warehouse that BWB is in), waiting for M and the weekly knitting meeting. At 5:30, the Harlot was giving a small talk, here’s a pic (with M’s head and very looong braid):

And all 3 of us going up to get our books signed:
(Emmos even brought a book from the library to be signed…)
Here’s Emmos and M showing off their Snowdrop Shawls OTN:
And, a group shot:

We even got to hold the sacred travelling sock. Tehe. Twas fun. Stephanie is a great public speaker (I think she’s had quite a bit of experience by now) and she had tons of advice and anecdotes. I think I was the only person there relieved to find out that the Knitting Olympics wouldn’t be in the summer (thank goodness) – but, eh. I got all three of my copies of her books signed, to fyberduck, which made my day (lack of sleep and all).

So, yeah, good.

Back to the title. After looking at recent photos of myself, I have decided that I need to diet for a bit. How fun. I hate dieting – yarn diets, food diets, whatever. Just hate ’em. But, it needs to be done. I’ve gained so much weight this summer (all knitting, no exercise), it’s no good. Also, I have decided to stick to my goal and not join any swaps after the IPY3 Swap. Emmos and Peninah are trying to seduce me with tea, but I shall prevail. I must finish all the family projects and get a start on holiday and b-day gifts.

In Knitting News, I have 4 pantas and am now past the insteps of the sox! (rejoicing) I may just have everything done in time to be shipped on Monday! What are the odds?

In Personal News, my father called me when we were settling into the Strand for the talk – he had just recieved a call from my Peace Corps mentor – because I may have a Peace Corps placement! OMG!!! SQUEE!!! Can you totally guess that I danced in place and shrieked for, like, 5 minutes?? Everyone around me ignored it, impressively. I don’t know where or when – but I’m supposed to call tomorrow for more details. So, yeah, woot! The only thing that breaks my heart about the Corps, is that I won’t be able to bring my wheel with me… no Lennie for 2 years, minimum!! (whine) M and Emmos were, like, “bring your charkha!” – which I will, but it’s not the same :(

Ahwell. I’m never satisfied. But, I am determined that, for tonight, I shall be content. Now, I need to go and watch Kiki’s Delivery Service. Dad’s watching a documentary on Muhammed Ali…


  1. Did I ever mention I have a friend currently serving in Albania? I haven’t heard from him in ages because he’s bad with keeping up, but he was having a fairly good time last I knew. Also, I should have gone with you guys tonight, my friend totally bailed on me [long story.] Also, I think that I’m probably going to tower over you folks at flock and fiber, we are still on for that, right? Also, Craft Center stuff is all live now!

  2. That is beyond awesome!!! :) i’ll keep hitting refresh when it’s a normal hour yourtime to find out the news. sorry about the no-wheel, but i’m sure Lennie will understand..

    [and the library book, what a brilliant idea!]

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