I’m losing my voice. May the Lord have mercy on me – I’m stuck in the house with my half-deaf father (who keeps yelling “what?” whenever I speak) and my younger brother (who won’t shut up because I can’t tell him to stop talking). I want my Mummy. If only to nag them to leave me alone. It’s the most ridiculous thing on the planet, they keep asking me questions halfway across the house and then get angry when I don’t respond promptly. Anyone else see the ludicrousness of this situation?

My brother is now complaining that he has a sore throat and aches all over. If there is any sense of Karmic justice in the universe, he’ll lose his voice tomorrow. Or, I’ll kill him. I’m sure I could get away with it. Maybe. Then, I wouldn’t have to think of a birthday present. Which, Emmos, you just gave me an idea for, tehe. How about that Samurai hat from Folk Hats?

or… not ;p

In Knitting/ Swap News, I am officially late in sending out for the IYP3 Swap. I just couldn’t send the parcels out today. I’ve just found the envelopes I need, but don’t have the extra goodies. I’m trying to come up with ideas, and I have a few…

Thank you, everyone, for your compliments on the duck. I’m sure she feels flattered. I need to go and lie down now. It bears mentioning that I went to sleep at 9:30 pm last night and woke up just after noon today. I think this is one of those sleep-is-the-cure bugs. Oh, and I got official paperwork from the Corps today about my nomination. I’d ‘woot’ if I had the energy. I promise to respond to my emails once I can talk again.


  1. Wow, not that’s a hat! Lol. Oddly enough, my brother would probably like it. Of course I’m not making it so it doesn’t really matter. ;)

    I feel you on the lack of immune system. I’ve been in that boat my whole life. Not.fun.

    And the duck w/ shawl is terribly cute!

    Hope you feel better.


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