It’s true. It totally does. Swapping affords you the opportunity to make something for a total stranger that you’ll know they’ll love (if you’ve done your research, anyway) and to recieve something handmade in return.

It’s very karmic, I suppose. I’ve become quite addicted to craft swaps in the past year, I blame this on Craftster, and it breaks my heart to have to take a break from swapping (esp with a Miyazaki Swap coming up *moan*). But, once I finish all my friends-and-family’s gifts and such, I might just let myself swap again. It’s so much fun. To illustrate this point, I direct you to exhibit A, my IYP3 Swap package from deepfriedkids

Which made me “squee!” and bounce in place for awhile. This was deepfriedkids first swap, and I think she did a great job. She made me an armor!Al (from Fullmetal Alchemist) plushy pillow – which was on my wists! – a ‘KNIT’ journal, and a pair of ‘knitting is cool’ sandals. The plushy-Al pillow totally made my day, I have to admit, since I cuddled it for, like, 1o minutes or so after opening the box…

Of course, to give the realm of swapping a balanced review, I have to admit that I still have recieved no word from my IYP2 Swap partner. The organizer is on top of this and has suggested an angel twice – I had been giving my partner the benefit of the doubt (she got married during the swap and went on honeymoon during the send-out period) but am starting to give up hope. And then, of course, there was the POTC Swap. So… yeah. The joke “every silver lining has a cloud” fits the situation well, I think ;)

But, overall, in my experience swapping has been exciting and very satisfying. And while I am now on a self-imposed swapping moratorium, I can take comfort in the fact that I have converted others to the joy of swapping (even if my family still thinks I’m crazy). I can live vicariously through my swapping friends for the next couple of months.

… and order lots of yarn from Knit Picks, just so I’ll keep getting packages in the mail ;D

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  1. Family knits can definitely keep you busy. I know I have a few that have been unceremoniously shoved to the back burner. They’ll be returning to the needles soon. And besides … I still have your address … mua ha ha!

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