It hit me tonight, in one of those weird little epiphanies you get, that 2^3 = 8. I stood photographing my two sets of two socks on two circulars and thought, “oh, eight is what this would be algebraically.” Technically, I suppose you could also see it as six. But, I think I like eight better. Go figure. And, how often am I going to get to use “algebraically” in a post? Let’s just roll with it…

Anyway, here’s a pic of the sox and the debatable progress I’ve made:

“Debatable?” You ask, puzzled. And you are right to be so. Sadly, I must inform you that I am about to rip out the blue pair of socks on the right, immediately following posting this blog entry. Why? Because the pattern is screwwy, and the heel annoys the h3ll out of me. It looks like it should fit someone with a square heel! And, like most other bipedal mammalian beings, my heels are round and not block-like. So, this heel is ruled out. I’ve also decided that I HATE the cuff pattern, it bunches up like 80’s legwarmers (I think this is intended, go figure) and is not my style. Nor, admittedly, will it be flattering on the legs of a 5’3″ woman…

Continuing on, in the Good News section of this sock progress update, I am onto the 3rd repeat of the Arrowhead lace pattern on Mum’s excruciatingly boring socks. Why does this woman like only neutral colours? She’s a painter, for goodness sake! The Aran? Dove grey. The Chiton? Taupe. These bloody socks? Tan. She’s out to drive me mad, I swear. It must be intentional. There’s no other explanation for it. Her wardrobe is FULL of colour – so why is she insisting that the knitted items I make for her be bland and boring?

I’d almost bet that she’s trying to ruin me. But, then, she’d never get anything knitted, so that theory doesn’t quite work.

And, onto less paranoid and delusional updates… since the Fibers Movie Night/ Sleepover is tomorrow (err, tonight) I have managed to prepare the lassagne in advance, stuff the fridge full of soda, and sort of tidy up. Later today, after sleep, I shall endeavor to vacuum. And make my brother clean his bathroom. Just because I can. Mwa. Ha. Ha. I would have made a great evil stepsister – shame I’m the middle child.

In Simply Knitted Bodice News, I am now decided that I must learn to economize (yes, my credit card bill came today, why do you ask?), so I am going for the cheaper yarn options. Yes, I said ‘options’. Far be it from me to turn down a sale (Jew with a credit card here). So, I’ve decided that I shall knit two versions of the SKB in Knit Picks (economizing here) Wool of the Andes Heathered Amythest and in Shine Worsted Ebony because it’s on sale, machine washable, and black. Every girl needs a low-cut black sweater, right? Does anyone have a yarn review or two to throw out there before I place my order? Good, bad, indifferent, whatever. Let’s hear it.

Sooo… yeah, I think that covers everything. Wow, I was amazingly chatty tonight. It must be the fact that I can BREATHE again! I finally figured out why I was taking so long to recover and why my throat was so sore…

I rarely mention this, because it freaks people out, but when I had Scarlet Fever several years ago my throat swelled so tightly shut I could only swallow hot tea. Whenever I tried to eat, the food would get stuck just below my tonsils and make breathing difficult and swallowing excrutiating. My mum’s a nurse, so she of course kept checking my throat but couldn’t find anything blocking the passage – even tho I was certain something was there. Don’t even ask how I finally got the food out. Just don’t.

For the past several days, I’ve had that same damn feeling and haven’t been able to do a damn thing about it. Until today, when I managed to hack up what felt like half a lung and a quarter loaf of bread (okay, I might be exaggerating a bit here). After catching my breath, I realised I could BREATHE again and ove the course of a few hours felt miraculously better.

And while this is completely disgusting and more than a bit creepy, it finally proved to me that I am being more than reasonable for freaking out whenever my throat swells at all. It reallyreally bothers me, and some people might say I’m being wussy – but that’s their problem. So, I think I’m going to go crazy the next time I get even a sniffle and buy every single sore throat medication I can find.

It’s only fair ;)

Now, it’s time to rip.

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