Right about when I got up this, ah, afternoon (stayed up late cooking and knitting, it’s forgivable) I heard the mailman drop something into our mailbox. Immediately, I thought, “Crimson’s package!!” and set to making myself presentable to the neighborhood, so I wouldn’t scare anyone in the street (my bed-hair could give small children nightmares) when I went out to get my present :D

In the mailbox was a curious little tube, which made me squee to the bemusement of my uber-straight-laced-slightly-red-necked neighbors, that I snatched up and opened on the kitchen table. And looky at what Crimson sent me!

First things first, she remembered that I have been on a mad hunt for size 4 US short knitting needles. Why no one ever has them, I don’t know, but my mini-straights collexion was incomplete until this morning… Now, I am resisting the urge to cast on some lace.

Must. Finish. Boring. Stupid. Socks.

Also in the package was this little guy:

I have named him Athens. It is appropriate, I think. I knew immediately that I’m going to have to fight Emmos tooth and nail to keep him, but he’s mine! Mineminemine.
And, guess what are on Athens’ back??

stitch markers!

pretty, pretty, stitch markers… mwa. ha. ha. If my plan for world domination through knitting needles fails, I can always fall back on my plan B – through pretty, pretty stitch markers. It’ll work. No one can resist pretty things, it’s a fact ;)

And, I cannot forget to mention this:

little doodle on the package itself.
It has given me ideas for the Knitting X-Files button.

Those of you who don’t know of the X-Files and knitting connexion, lemme see if I can explain it. There is some sort of time warp involving The X-Files – if you watch the show whilst knitting, you get twice as much knitting done. I once did an entire scarf during a show and a half. Then, of course, there is the UFO (unfinished object) connexion. So… ye-esss. We must spread the word of the Knitting X-Files.

Anyway, thank you again Crimson! I love everything and am having ideas again. I must make buttons this weekend. A friend of the family gave me the newest version of Adobe Photoshop (don’t ask how). And, I also want to try to make a button for Socktoberfest. I had a sudden flash of inspiration last night for a Socktoberfest pattern… with maple leaves. Now all I need to do is find time to draft the pattern and knit the darned things.

Now, I really really must go and clean. I have five hours until people start arriving.


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