Thank you, Carol, for cheering me on! I did, finally, manage to get the hourglass heels to work after much ripping and reknitting. My savior? Strangely enough, Alison Hansel of the blue blog. I found her tech guy sox pattern (bless Magknits as well) – which had the best instructions I’ve found anywhere on knitting an hourglass heel. Obviously, I’ve saved it to My Documents.

I’ll post a pic of Mum’s sox later. I reallyreallyreally (whine) want to knit something else right now. But, I’m resisting the urge to CO something, since I’ll be starting the SKB soon enough. Maybe a hat or something. Emmett was complaining earlier that he had trouble finding hats that fit… there’s his b-day gift! Now, I need to search my stash for uber-soft yarn.

And, I have an unseen ep of X-Files to watch, too. Toodles.


  1. Yay x-files!

    To comment on your previous post, jaybirdidcrafty was my craftster swap partner for Pimp My Craftster Username. She is an awesome swapper…. Congrats!!

  2. Psst! I haven’t caught up on your blog yet but I wanted to drop you a note to let you know I’ll be at OFFF. I’ll be with my SIL (who is much more easily recognized than me, if you look at the “FO’s” on my site) and my MIL who I haven’t posted any pics of yet. I think I’ll be able to pick you out easily enough. I’ll be there both days. I’ll probably be wearing or carrying my blue Starsky.


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