I forgot to mention that I recieved my Knit Picks order yesterday. 14 balls of Swish superwash in ebony. Yummy. It’ll make a beautiful sweater no matter what, whether or not I use the SKB pattern. The girls are encouraging me to design my own. I guess we’ll see. I certainly have ideas, to say the least.

Current WIPs:

  1. Mum’s lace shawl (shhh! it’s a secret) (90% done, seriously)
  2. Mum’s lace sox (75% done)
  3. The Socks of Doom (65% of the pair done)
  4. The SKB (40% maybe)
  5. The Sibling Sweater Set (ha! the swatch is 60% done… I fear CO the actual sweaters)
  6. spinning up that beautiful mixed batt I got at OFF (merino/ silk/ angora/ flash)
  7. spinning up the Karaoke mermaid top (maybe 40% done)

So, yeah. No pix. But, it’s obvious that I need to finish something. I’m so close on some of them. I really want to just finish the bloody shawl (as Mum’s b-day was over a week ago and all) and the Socks of Doom (just cuz, y’know). Everything else, yeah, just want to knit for fun – so can’t. Must. Finish.

Okay. Is anyone else just hearbroken that the season finale of Eureka is coming up on Tuesday? Oh… sigh. I love this series. Normally, I find most Sci-Fi series too campy to express in words, but every once in a while there’s a gem. It nearly killed me when both X-Files and Farscape turned into soap operas. So, for a while, I went without any Sci-Fi TV. But, then Eureka came along. I am soooo totally hooked. They had better keep going with it. And do a good job of it. My sulk will never end otherwise. If you’ve never seen it, come over – we have all the eps on the DVR (bless DISH!) and tend to watch them quite frequently.

And in the Politics Section, I have to admit it’s hard for me not to chortle. My sister was a Congressional page. Honest to G-d, she was. I grew up around DC politics, and I’ve always said (to the initial horror of my family) that I just knew that some of Rep Congressmen (usually the ones who oppose gay marriage, etc) were buggering little boys in the bathroom. And, lo and behold, I was soooo close to being right. Poor boy. It’s bad enough to have some creepy older guy come onto you, but now it’s on the national news.


Ohwell. It’s after 2am, I should go and, like, sleep or something. “Something” might just be cleaning. I knew I shouldn’t have taken that nap earlier… And, wow, this was a really random post.

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