Tonight I completed my Socks of Doom, and will officially become an assassin tomorrow if I can get them sent off to my target. As tomorrow (err, today, actually) is Yom Kippur, I’m having my doubts about actually getting to the PO. My parents were a bit disappointed I missed the service tonight, but I wasn’t going to miss one of the few highlights of my week (knitting), which also serves the dual purpose of keeping me sane.

I have never managed to fast on Yom Kippur. I have severe hypoglycemia, and that makes fasting difficult. On one memorable YK I tried to fast and nearly fainted in the middle of services, at which point my teacher forced me to go to the shul‘s (synagogue) kitchen and eat something. So, yeah. Never works. I’ve stopped trying, since people don’t need to see me like that – I sure it detracts from their davening (praying) and is probably just plain annoying.

In Knitting News, anyway, I am past the lace and ribbed midsection of my SKB. So, here’s a very bad picture of both the Socks of Doom and SKB:

Knitting, or the Knotty Knitters, went well tonight. We’ve decided to have a field trip to McTavish Farm this month. We’ve also decided to keep our meeting time and place, provided the Buzz remains as comfy as it was tonight.

Oh!, and have we all remembered what’s happening this month?? SOCKTOBERFEST!!! It shall be the month of socks! (As someone with a ton of sock yarn, this is a veryvery good thing). I must put this button on my sidebar:

I should probably try and keep a running tally of my sock total this month. It probably won’t be high, but eh. Can I cheat and include the Socks of Doom? I technically completed them on the 1st. What do you think?

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