O Death, rock me a sleep

Anon (c. 1100)

O Death, rock me a sleep,
bring me to quiet rest
let pass my weary guiltless ghost,
out of my carefull breast,
Toll on thou passing bell
ring out my doleful knell
let thy sound my death tell
for I must die,
there is no remedy.
For now I die.

Yes, I am a complete Medieval literature freak. There is no cure for this ailment, I admit. Anyway. Can you totally guess that my Package of Doom arrived today? Included with my Socks of Doom were a little origami frog and a Uni of Rochester ducky! How cute is that? I have the most considerate assassin…

Who also managed to match up the stripes on my socks, which scares me a little.
Only a bit.

I wore my SoD to Madame DeFarge’s tonight, and showed the off (because I could). The knitters were less rowdy this week, something I’m sure the management appreciated. I am told, alas I missed this, that last week the group got so big that they took over the entire cafe! What a shame I missed it. Would have been hilarious to watch the complete befuddlement on the faces of the Law students who frequent Perugino’s. Okay, I’m mean. But, seriously? Sooo overdone, they sit there with stacks of books, glasses of wine, and laptops. Riiight. Whatever happened to the starving student?


On my SKB, I am finally onto the – ah- abdomen(?) section. It’s going quickly now that I’m finally back to my size 8’s. My tension is starting to scare me. I’m getting 5.5 sts/ inch on 8’s (4 mm) if I don’t pay attention and make myself breathe. Kinda crazy. I’m afraid I might have to go up to 9’s, which wouldn’t be very cool. Esp since the pattern calls for US 7’s. Glarg.

And breathing. (also wondering where all this tension is coming from…?)

I’m so bloody close to finishing Mum’s arrowhead lace socks. Just 2.25″ before I can start the toes. Thank goodness. Just… I can’t look at this lace for much longer. Just… can’t. The yarn also doesn’t help.

But, in anticipation of the joys of Socktoberfest, I wound up a bunch of balls of sock yarn today to rejoice in the completion of the most boring socks to knit ever. I plan on rewarding myself for my stubbornness. I can’t wait to try my Gloss, omg. First, tho, I want to try out a damask pattern I had in a stroke of brilliance (okay, insanity).

Also, since my sister called today (I’ve been invited down to visit in a month – panic! panic!) I need to get to work on some sort of sweater for D and the cutest widdle dress ever that was in Simply Knitting. I just went “squee!” when I saw it. And, I need to figure out a sweater for D, did I mention this??? Emmos, you know my stash! What do I have to knit with??

And, OMG, I recieved the CUTEST pic ever of baby T, but can’t post it because it’s of baby T’s bath yesterday – she’s smiling and waving at the camera. Seriously. But, because of the new child pornography laws, I cannot post it online (pouts). So, yeah, just imagine, I suppose. I have the CUTEST NIECE EVER. EVER, okay?

No arguments.

Anyway. It’s after 2 am… Oy. I’m so off-schedule. The trash collectors kept me up all bloody morning, it seemed. They had the worst breaks. I actually started to tense up every time they moved to another house, that’s how bad the breaks sounded. Eugh.

With any luck I may just start to get sleepy soon. Or, I could go try and knit those socks and learn what it feels like to have my brain melt. Either works.

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