“The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.”
Lao Tzu (600 BC-531 BC)

I was woken from truly bizarre dreams this morning by the postman ringing the doorbell – to deliver a parcel for me. Both were exceedingly welcome (wakefulness and the package), but the goodies inside the box were (by far) more gratifying. My swap angel, jaybirdiscrafty sent me a wonderful assortment of prezzies. I’m currently trying to decide which item I like best. I think Gromit is winning. Here’s my new goodies:

A flannel log-cabin quilt pillow, two amigurumi (Gromit and his sheepy friend!), and a nestlace – which the sheepy is wearing as a crown in the pic ;D Or halo, I suppose. Okay, I admit it, I am madly in love with my little Gromit. I’ve set him up comfortably with Shaun and my flock (and stash! he can knit if he wants to)…

My Mum even squee’d when she saw Gromit, he is just that level of coolness. I need to send a thank you PM to jaybirdiscrafty poste haste, but I wanted to include the Gromit and Shaun pic – so I have to post this first. My head is a bit dizzy thinking of all the steps. I also need to finish my little thank-you parcel to send her way since she was so nice and cool as a swap angel – and she ALSO got stood up by my ex-partner. Just, whoa. But, I’m so close to being finished. I finally assembled all the goodies I need and just have to figure out which colours to use with which…

No hints, sorry :D

In Knitting News, I have cast on another pair of socks (without taking pics for the tutorial, so sue me, sorrysorrysorry) to knit for Socktoberfest. I just need to get these pair done before the 13th, so I can make my tute. Right. Sock-craziness time. But, it’s a simple damask pattern, NOT lace, so it shouldn’t be too bad timewise.

Also in the KN section, I have decided to try and make the 28″ sweater for D. Dunno if this is gonna work, the yardage is acting wonky. Handspun is wonky. I admit it.

In the I-Can’t-Believe-I-Agreed-To-This section of the post, it should be noted that tomorrow I will be pretending to be a Pioneer woman at a practical Pioneer life demonstration. I shall have my distaff, spindle, a raw fleece, and combs in tow. Also, funfunfun, I’ll be wearing as-close-to-Period clothing as I could find. Which meant I rummaged thru everyone’s wardrobes in the house and found: a Pioneer-style shirt (honestly, we got it in South Dakota), a black ankle-length skirt, one of my Dad’s brown wool vests, a ruffled white sundress to wear as the petticoat, a pair of buttoned boots, some really thick handknit socks, a wool shawl, and a kerchief. After getting assembled for inspection, I began to ponder how people actually used to dress like that every day. I wasn’t even wearing a corset or bloomers or knee-highs! Sheesh. The things people suffered through. I’m probably going to die of heat stroke before the end of the demo tomorrow.

Ahwell. Onto the brownies, which I’m making for M’s sleepover tonight.

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