If I got my Japanese right (unlikely, I admit), that means “stupid girl”. Yep. That’s me. This is a mini-post, which excuses the lack of … well, post-plot.

Anyway. I am a LUNATIC. I gave into the urge, and guilt, and set up an Inuyasha Swap. I’ve had a list of swaps I promised/ or wanted to organize on Craftster for a while now…

  1. Handspun Swap (completed)
  2. Inuyasha Swap (just listed)
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist Swap (don’t ask, just don’t)
  4. another Handspun Swap (due to be listed in Dec)
  5. and possibly a Hogwarts Houses Swap (maybe on the new year?)

And, haha, as I was going through my previous posts, it turns out that I did promise to set up a Inuyasha Swap in November this year. Wow, what are the odds that my guilt-complex would work out to climax this point in time? I know myself, subconciously, too well. I’ve had this weird guilty feeling for a while now… so I gave in.

Maybe, if I am insanely lucky, no one will sign up and I’ll not be breaking my SISM (self-imposed swapping moratorium) or my promise. Ha. I’d better start looking up chibi patterns now.

just… ohwell, no one can save me from myself, but it’d be funny to watch someone try.

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