The gifts that one receives for giving are so immeasurable that it is almost an injustice to accept them.
-Rod McKuen

Imagine my surprise this morning (alright) afternoon, when I wandered out of my room and found a honking huge package on our mail table (read the little sidetable that was unfortunate enough to be placed next to the front door) with my name on it. I stared in wonder at it, completely perplexed. The last of my swaps ended over a week ago and I hadn’t ordered anything online.

My mother and father decided to emerge at this exact moment, as I was eyeing the package wondering if I had gone completely crazy (hey, anything’s possible) or if there was someone in the universe who hated me enough to send a pipe bomb (or moths, those would be bad too). Anyway. Dad then asks, “what’s in there?” I just sorta stared at him and said, “I have no idea”. This was then his cue to go off on a diatribe about, I swear to g-d, “young people these days” and how they never keep track of anything or anyone… and I sorta blocked him out at that point. He was getting on my nerves. I decided to open the box, which was deceptively light for it’s size.

Imagine my UTTER delight and complete astonishment when I saw these beauties inside:

I immediately squealed and squished them in my hands (spinner and knitter, guys). So, yes. There was also a note inside, which I have reread 3x (I admit to some puzzlement). Lynda, my One Skein Secret downstream pal, wanted to send me a thank you. I was completely floored. She sent me six wool batts from her Rambouillet/ Suffolk sheep (carded and dyed!) AND a skein of Opal sock yarn (drooools). I’m still picking them up periodically, and petting them. This was so generous of her! (Just, like, whoa is all I can muster on that part… such pretties)

I also want to spin that wool up, yummyyummy!!

Mum suggested I send a really nice ‘thank you’ card – my first thought was one of my cards and one of my ducky items. But, I also thought something handknit might be nice. Mum says that wouldn’t be gracious, to send something back, as if it were expected. I’m really bad a not making things for other people – so she then suggested that I send a card now and surprise Lynda with a, well, surprise in a month or two.

Right, so any imput is veryvery nice … Tricky.

And (outta nowhere) here’s my SKB update:

I have finished the body and started on the left arm. Thank goodness. The body was getting really tiring. The Last Minute Socks are coming along – only 2.5″ before the toesies. And, D’s gansey is coming along quite well. Eerm, I think that’s all. Oh, bugger, I just remembered that I need to make up that owl pattern for Emmos. I tried last week (or the week before?) and just frustrated myself. I’m so much better at doing these things on the fly, than writing them down…

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