“My salad days – When I was green in judgment”
~ William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Yeah, I know, inappropriate usage of a quote – but, hey, it’s my blog. And, I’m sure Shakespeare wouldn’t care. What am I talking about? I finished knitting my Last Minute sox tonight (I admit that the ends are not woven in, and shouldn’t be for some time). Here they are, a quaint little pair of wollen joy:

And, here they are on some happy feet:

And, on feet made even more happy by the fact that the sox fit in clogs:

So, yeah. I need to post another sock button on the sidebar. That’s three pairs this month. I still have (almost) two weeks. I’m gonna try writing out the basics of my tutorial tonight, and theBon offered to help me photograph it. If we can get some time in together this week, that’d be great – but I’m not holding my breath. It seems like everyone wants to steal away my knitting time right now.

I have a meeting with the Rabbi tomorrow at 9:30 AM (dear g-d! morning hurts) for a possible job. Yeah. We’ll see how that works out. Turns out there are 6 other applicants. I’m losing faith in my ability to get a job, ever. And, no, that was not an intentional pun.

And, other things stealing away my time: doctor’s appointments, blah. I need to fill out all those bloody Peace Corps forms with a doctor and … (sigh) … I think there are over a hundred pages of paperwork in the packet they sent me. This must be the step were most people give in to the urge to quit. I hope so.


Cleaning. Yes, that’s another one. I vacuumed the public areas today (which is beyond exhausting because my parents bought an industrial strength vacuum that’s heavier than two of our previous ones duck-taped together – simply because they don’t ever vacuum, so the heaviness of the machine doesn’t bother them) and picked up a bit. My family are slobs. I can’t do any dishes or laundry because Dad took the initiative to fixing the wiring and plumbing this weekend. Bad, bad, bad idea. This place was wired by a drunk and g-d only knows who fVcked with the plumbing. So… yeah. I’m running out of clean clothing…

I’m so exhausted. We hit Costco today, Dad and I, twice. Eugh. Trauma. Big trauma. But, we got chocolate chunk cookies to make it all better. Which I shouldn’t eat since I’ve finally gotten down to a firm 12. I want to get back down to a 10 before next Sept – when I should hopefully be sent off.

I think I want to just spin now. No more knitting for a while.

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