“Emotion resembles a wheel spinning free. When the cogs work, action begins, emotion ceases.” David Lindsay (1876-1945)

I hate the vacuum cleaner my parents bought. It weighs a ton. My arm always feel like cooked spaghetti after using it. And today was even worse because that little monster of a dog we have has been shedding worse than usual and ripping strings off of his chew-toys at an impossible rate. So, yeah. Took me half an hour to pick up to vacuum, and then nearly another half hour to actually vacuum. I hate that damn thing. Even more so, because somehow I managed to have an asthma attack after. I even had to get out my damned inhaler. I hate that, too, because it’s an adrenaline-based inhalent. Bleh. I couldn’t knit or spin right for a couple of hours afterwards. I kept breaking the thread I was spinning or dropping stitches, my hands were shaking so much. I tried to fold laundry, but that didn’t work, either. So, I finally decided that checking my email wasn’t being lazy, it was preventing disaster.

Oh, and…

to everyone who left comments or advice on the Socktoberfest tutorial
*every little bit helps, I swear.

Umm, knitting. Yes, I got some knitting done once the MaxAir left my system. I am onto the lace band of the left sleeve of my SKB. M and I both worked on our SKB’s at Madame DeFarge’s tonight. I also started the 2nd lace repeat on my Nile socks (the Opal colourway is called ‘crocodile’ but I’m just not seeing it…) before conceding defeat to the inhaler this afternoon.

Spinning. I have nearly a bobbin-full of lace-weight singles on my fat-cored lace-bobbin. I’m trying an experiment, using some of my ‘cheaper’ (oy) fiber to test the possibilities of using singles for lace. The Shetland lace knitters of old did it, I fail to see why I can’t. But, everyone warns me against it. And… well, I’m unable to resist a challenge. Once I figure out my yardage (I have 2 oz of baby camel down to spin) then I’ll determine a project. I was thinking of Icarus, despite the fact that everyone and her grandmother have knit it. If you have any good lace projects to recommend, I’d love to hear about ’em!

I haven’t worked on D’s gansey in a couple of days, and am feeling the guilt. Especially since I was seduced by the sock yarn. Bad me. I should be stronger than that.

And, wow, I am devoid of any pictures tonight. Hard to believe, but true. So, I leave you with this lovely Renaissance painting of a spinster:

Artist: Maerten Jacobsz van Heemskerck. Portrait of a Lady with a Spindle and Distaff.
c. 1531. Oil on wood. Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, Madrid, Spain.

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