“A handful of pine-seed will cover mountains with the green majesty of a forest. I, too, will set my face to the wind and throw my handful of seed on high.”
Fiona Macleod (1855-1905)

Not really, more like soft and squishy trying to be long and tall and crunchy. But, definitely green. What am I writing about? My newest pair of socks – celery stocks ;D

I wanted to have a baby fan repeat at the top of a pair of simple socks (see? I took your advice, Y!) and then decided that maybe I should include a column of ribbing or two. After 3 repeats of the lace I began to think that the socks looked like lettuce. Once the ribbed columns started, I thought, “celery” so I tweaked the pattern a bit (read: I intentionally dropped stitches to purl them) and now have these, which I know you can’t see the ribbing, but just trust me:

Soft and squishy and not at all crunchy.

I’ve also made progress on my SKB, not pictured since I doubt anyone cares about endless rows of lace. But, they’re slowly getting closer to being finished.

Amazingly enough, I managed to achieve all of my goals set this morning in the predawn hours. I actually cleaned the public rooms and made the guest bedroom manageable. Spaghetti was parve, and the one dish we could all agree on for the Rabbi’s potluck. L came with us to the potluck tonight and was a big hit, actually. Fun crowd. We came home and Emm and L talked about Star Wars (none of which I understood, which is fine, I had my socks) for a while before L crashed.

Tomorrow, we’re going to McTavish Farm to visit the sheep, buy a fleece, and drink cider. I’ll bring the camera.

Tomorrow is also the day of !S’s Halloween Party, an infamous event, and I still don’t have a costume. But we all know how well I thrive under pressure. Haha. I’m thinking L was right about that chiton idea. Just sew up some of my linen yardage and pin it in place, and voila! I am Artemis for an evening. Or Athena. Whomever. Heeey… I have my sister’s bow. It’s a recumbant, but still. Yep, Artemis will work.

No doubt we’ll have some photographic evidence of my assured idiocy tomorrow night. Fear not. You will have the chance to point and laugh, I won’t disappoint.

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