“In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.”
Robert Byrne

Ain’t that the truth. Now, I will admit that I took a less blurry photograph of my SKB progress, but I am much too vain to ever, EVER, show that photo to anyone. So, here’s a slightly less unflattering picture (it also is, alas, quite blurred). But, as you can see, I am still working on the left sleeve of it:

See? I wasn’t lying about that ^_^

I probably would have made more progress on my SKB today if I hadn’t spent two hours (or so) picking Shawn’s fleece (opening the locks by hand) and ridding it of it’s substantial amount of vegetable matter. After awhile, I started to develop a headache and decided that, while I truly do love the smell of a nice clean fleece, I needed a break. So, I redeposited the fleece and box of picked wool in the sewing room:

Notice how the fleece looks like it hasn’t even been dented?

Yeah. Me too.


I then went to working on fulling my handspun baby camel down singles. We’ll see if my 15 minutes of inhumane, cruel, and unusual treatment achieved the results I want. Hopefully, yes. If not… well, I’m going to have to repeat the process. The yarn is forewarned, as is required in the rules of engagement between enemies.

Anyway. I also finished plying that laceweight merino-hemp handspun yarn from HELL. I know my Mum said she bought it at St Vinny’s. But, I’m beginning to think that either: a) she’s lying to me and got them from Beezlebub himself, or b) Satan donated the roving to St Vinny’s. Either are feasible at this point. You can’t argue with me, not with Bush in office, can you?


I’m afraid if I try to set the twist on that yarn, it’ll set the house on fire or something. So, I just placed the skein back into my stash, and hopefully it’ll hibernate for a while. Maybe I should put a mezuzah up on my bedroom door and a Hamesh hand over my stash…

Or not. I think the good karma of all my baby alpaca and organic cotton will balance it out. That’s it – kosmic balance – I get it now. ‘Kay.

In other news, Emmos and I went a’hunting for materials for her to use in the Harry Potter Christmas Swap on Craftster (which I totally can’t get the link for right now, sorry!). We ended up getting some super-spiffy fabric for a Christmas stocking and some other things which I will not speak of, cuz it’ll ruin the surprise – and, anyway, you should stalk her blog to find out. I also got some weeeiiiird fabric that was in the clearance isle.

I got a yard of semi-sheer printed polyester from Korea. Why? It is so bizarre. It has, like, little Buddhist monks on it – but in anime style. It’s so funky, I had to get some. And, the other fabric – well, I had to get a yard of it so I can make something for Crimson. It… oh, my – how could I turn away from it?

I couldn’t. And, I’m gonna try and make something with it at some point before the New Year.

I know. I’m so mean. Teasing her like that. Sorry. Well… no, not really. It’ll be soooo cool, though, and hopefully worth the wait. I want to make one for myself, too, if I can.

And, umm, that’s everything. Well, no, it’s not. Just so Crimson doesn’t feel abused, I feel I should mention that I’ve started L’s (alas, you must have a Facebook account to view her) birthday present tonight. There, you’re both being teased. Tehe.

Buona notte!

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