“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.”
Marie Curie (1867-1934)

I made the mistake today of thinking that I should update my blog’s template and layout. It was pretty simplistic and could use some shnazzy CSS and HTML, right?

(see previous post on my general idiocy)

I should mention here that the last time I took a computing course was in high school, approximately 7 years ago. You’ll notice that I did manage to put in an expanding archive menu (which was all I wanted, really) after many hours of snarling and typing. It also didn’t help that Blogger went down for maintainance in the midst of my attempt at moving my blog into a higher function.

So, by the time I realised that I was late for knitting, I had still NOT managed to fix my problem nor had I picked up M. Oops? We got there over 20 minutes late, but luckily Bon and Emmos were still waiting for us.

Knitting was good. I revealed my grand birthday scheme – I want to reserve a oceanfront cottage on my birthday weekend and invite my friends up to have a mini-fibery retreat. My father is tentatively approving of this scheme, so… yeah. Emmos and Bon and M have promised to help me plan. If you’re going to be in Oregon from Dec 1 – 3, drop by/ bring a sleeping bag! Ooh, must call Opus.

Anyway. Despite the calm surroundings and soothing presence knitting, I had developed a migraine that was splitting my head by the time we made it home (in a roundabout fashion – don’t even ask about the trip into the sorority, that was just plain trippy). So, I curled up in fetal position in a very dark room and tried to ignore the auras and weird shrill noise only I could hear.

Suddenly, I woke up at midnight, frantically trying to figure out if I was still dreaming. For a moment there, I actually had wondered if that guy at the cafe had slipped me something. Just… hell. I had the weirdest dreams and nightmares, but (luckily) my migraine had passed. Thank g-d. I hate migraines. In retrospect, I think I would have preferred the migraine to the dreams, though – they were just crazy.

Still sleepy, I made myself get up (leery of more nightmares) and go “do something”. I baked brownies. Quadruple chocolate brownies. Wrap your mind around that. Chocolate solves everything in this house. Then, I sat down and worked on my Dulaan child’s mitten and finishing up some merino/ silk top I’ve been spinning for over a year now:

(this is such a lame, 1 am picture, I know)

But, once the brownies were done baking and I had spun long enough for my arms to ache, I decided to try my hand at modifying the template once again. Luckily, the stars were now aligned and Blogger wanted to play. Finally, the blog is functioning again and hopefully seems a bit easier to navigate. If only just a bit.

I’m still torn over whether or not I should even both to have the links to this week’s posts or not… They flatly refuse to go into a menu (no matter how much I plead) and take up a lot of sidebar space. If you have an opinion, let me know, please?

Now, I think I shall try to sleep again. I might even try something really pagan and sleep with a moonstone under my pillow, to keep away bad dreams.

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