“When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty.’”
Theodore Roosevelt

I kinda don’t want the Dems to sweep both the House and the Senate. The Senate would be enough for me, but it looks like they’ll get the House no matter what and the Senate is possible. If this proves true, then I HAVE to cast on that baby sweater.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Democrat since I was 8 and passed out Clinton/Gore ’92 buttons in school (a fight broke out over who got them, too). I just fear that sweater. It’s 8 sts/ inch with two colours per row and a total of seven colours overall. It frightens me.

A lot.

Enough to not want the Dems to sweep this evening, apparently.

Anyway. Today was strange in more ways that I can count. But, thank you Carol! I’ve been wondering for a while if migraines were connected to bad dreams – and it seems they are! I have to tell you my dreams were just bizarre last night. Lemme see – Persephone and Hades were there, as were some weird cultists, and then Nixon running for governor of Idaho, followed by a nuclear explosion which was the dream that woke me up actually.


But, this afternoon, post failed-dog-walk (he jumped on TWO joggers and started barking at a jogger with a dog) I worked on my Dulaan mitten. By the end of the night (after Mdm DeFarge’s) I had a whole mitten and the second one cast on:

It’s so TINY!

I also must report that I am ALMOST (sooooo close) done with the left sleeve of my SKB. I’ll starting the purl ridges in another 2 rows. I had to stop knitting when my hand began to cramp and complain loudly. It insulted me, too, but I won’t repeat what it said in polite company.

Oh, and D figured out a way to prevent the purl ridges from curling up unflatteringly (eugh). She suggested (she’s a seamstress to the bone) that we hem the sleeves and bottom hem in hem bind-off.

Why didn’t I think of that? Or, for that matter, anyone else working from the pattern?


Well. That’s everything I have to report. Other than, in a moment of strange clarity, the CSS coding and html all made sense to me at 5 pm today and I managed to update my sidebar to my liking.

For the most part, in any case.

And here’s a movie that I had to share in parting:

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