“When you realize you’ve made a mistake, make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow while it’s still warm.”
Dan Heist

Looks like I’ll be casting on a baby version of this Dalebarn cardigan:

…very soon.
I always keep my promises, even if it takes some time. And since it looks like the Democrats may just sweep both the House and the Senate (miracles do happen, apparently) I should start working on resizing the pattern now. Well, actually, I should find the pattern (hehehe, oops?) and the yarn that goes with it.

But, in the good news portion of this post I found a set of US 1 double points (which I SHALL need for the sleeves, since the whole thing is knit in the round and then steeked (heart palpitations here). After a bit of digging in the knitting needles basket at St Vinny’s I found a set of 5 US #1 DPN’s (and a set of 4 US 6’s, too). I DID have to argue with the check-out clerk because she wanted to charge me per needle.

I won. Worry not about the needles. I’m focusing my panic on the little sweater. And it’s six or seven(?) colours. (deep breath) But, in more lighthearted knitting news, I finished the left sleeve of my SKB tonight with, honest to g-d, this much yarn left:

So, a single sleeve took just under 100 g/ 3.5 oz of yarn. Not bad. I really prefer this tucked seam, I must say. It’s very neat and tidy. And, just because, I even took a picture of the tucked seam in all it’s quiet, orderly, glory:

Yes. I find good seams glorious. You’re surprised by this? I have more wool than food in my house.

Honestly, I do. I also spend more money on wool than food. Which is a frightening thought. I wonder how I’m going to fare in the Peace Corps without my parents around to nag me into eating… That’ll be interesting.

Anyway, whilst we sat huddled around the TV and watched CNN, I started the right sleeve. I’m to the purl ridges and, maybe I’m going crazy or have been knitting this thing too long, but I’m starting to like the purl ridges.

This pattern is dangerous.

I only have a final note, before I go off to cook some crow:

I made the mistake of deciding to inventory my knitting needles. I’ve been intending to for some time – I have two separate charts for this purpose. So, (deep breath), I did. I told the girls at knitting two days ago that I had 85 individual pairs/ sets of knitting needles (not including my Denise set). I was wrong. I found 5 more sets today while I was digging in one of my knitting bags. That means I have 90 pairs of knitting needles.

I’m not quite sure how to approach this number. In my defense, I have quite a few sets of DPN’s, mini circs and vintage straights. Most of the pairs don’t overlap in size or length.

But, weirdly enough, my parents weren’t even surprised by this tally. The girls seemed to be, a bit. And now I’m wondering if I should just try and make it an even 100. Or if that would just be pointless and wrong. I’m literally at the point where I have a set of knitting needles for every project I can think of. But, I am a fan of even numbers.

Whaddya think? (I’m so awful, I know I know)

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