“Whoever said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose that counts.’ probably lost.”
Mary Ashton Livermore (1820-1905)

I have tried to upload a photograph to blogger twice tonight (this morning!) to no avail. I love words like “avail”, btw, they’re just so cool. Anyway. Yeah. I have proof that I did (indeed) cast on the Dalebarn Sweater of Doom. Due to several complications, I ended up casting on D’s size 8/10 instead of the baby version first. I think I should get a gold star or extra brownie points or something for this. (the sacrifices I make for democracy)

Seriously. Do you know how many stitches I had to cast on?

I suggest you take a deep breath and sit down before I tell you the number. You read on at your own risk. How many stitches? 365. Threehundred and sixty-five stitches. My mind boggles at this number, frankly. And, hahaha, this is all because the pattern calls for a 1/3 total decrease (ending up with a total of 245 stitches on the SECOND row) that the CO # is so bloody high for a child’s sweater. The gauge is 7 sts/ inch, which is nothing – so, 365 stitches (one for every day of the year!) did seem a bit much. To me.

I mean, yes. Yes, I am crazy. (Laura asked.) I know I’m crazy, and have for some time, but honestly doesn’t 365 seem like an awfully high number for a 6-year-old boy’s sweater??

But (deep breath) I did it. I sat through FOUR episodes of The X-Files (I’m a bit manic right now, could you tell?) as I cast on, made sure I hadn’t twisted the stitches (no mean feat on a 16″ INOX, which are needles I do NOT endorse, ever ever again), joined the stitches in the round, decreased, and started the ribbing. *twitch*

Blogger better upload this photo now…

… and it did. It must have sensed it’s impending peril should it have failed.

And, look!, you can see Scully giving the sweater cast on an incredulous look, too. I am vindicated. Also in the background you can see my spinning wheel and the bobbin full of baby alpaca I’m spinning (need to put that on the sidebar too) for that hoodie I mentioned … err, months(?) ago. Yeah. I think I last pulled it out in… err… July.

So, yes. I cast on as soon as I saw Anderson Cooper interviewing Webb (the Senator from Virginia) about his win. I am clearly insane, but that is beside the point.

Coincidentally, I have a review for everyone who wants one. INOX needles SUCK for small gauge projects *twitch*. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken me as long to CO if I had just used my Addi’s in the first place. I switched to the 2.5 mm Addi’s in the second row – after placing half of both Nile socks on another circular (an INOX, eugh) because I was developing a tick, I swear. The yarn kept snagging on the INOX’s and refusing to budge. And, at first I thought it was because I maybe had cast on too tightly.


It was the needles. Once I switched to the Addi’s the knitting flew. So, yeah, now I have to go and get a 3 mm Addi tomorrow (or sometime in the foreseable future) so I can continue with the colourwork. Make that 91 pairs of knitting needles. Well, maybe 89, because I’m not seeing the point of keeping the INOX pairs I bought specifically for these sweaters in the first place.

*twitches again*

I think I’m going to go lie down now, it’s 3:32 am. I’m tired, and I kept my promise. Oh! And I loved Y’s suggestion. A felted bag it shall be. Thanks!

Oh, wait, two more reviews:

  1. “Millions” is the sweetest movie I’ve seen in a long time, and it actually made ME cry (something nigh impossible, I swear) – Mum and I got so sucked into it that we didn’t start dinner until 8:30. The boys were not pleased.
  2. And, I love my little Norwegian thimble I got at Walmart (yes, I know they’re evil, but it’s a really cool gizmo for colourwork). It cost, like, $3 and is quite spiffy, I’d recommend trying it just for fun anyway.

So, now that’s it. Ta-ta.

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