“Good taste is the first refuge of the non-creative. It is the last ditch stand of the artist.” ~ Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

I just deleted the last post, cuz it sucked (let’s be honest) and… well, yeah. There has to be some standard, albeit however low.

Anyway. Short update:

  • the SKB is coming along
  • the Dalebarn Sweater of Doom is actually not killing me slowly the way I was certain it would. In fact (and this scares me slightly) I keep picking it up because I want to knit it. Someone save me.
  • I am working on the thumb of the second Dulaan mitten. The mittens do not quite match, but I really don’t care. It’d probably take a knitter to notice, and/ or care. Also, I do not feel like frogging the hand again to make them match
  • I recast on the lace border of Mum’s shawl twice tonight. I finally succeeded, decided that it was enough of that for now, and put it away.
  • I haven’t looked at my socks in longer than I care to admit. I promise I’ll work on one of the pairs as soon as I FINISH something.
  • I also have not looked at Shawn’s fleece for a week. I plan on remedying this later today.
  • Don’t even ask about my other spinning or sewing projects. They do not exist in this dimension – the sidebar is lying to you.
  • I have to find my immunization record and get it signed. Joy.
  • Emmos is very disappointed with her Owl Swap package, and I don’t know what to do :(
  • And, I have signed up for the Magic Ball Swap (round 2) (and I can’t get the link to it, sorry) because I reallyreally wanted to. I blame Crimson, and you should too.

And, finally, here are two very cool links for your amusement:

I have to admit I am perplexed by how Wiki got such a detailed collection of pages on knitting – including both Continental and English methods. And Gauge. I guess knit-geeks are everywhere.

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