There has never been great talent without madness mixed in.
Aristotle or Seneca? Both are attributed.

It’s a strange thing, but I always have the best ideas right before I fall asleep. I always wonder if this happens to other people, since my family just look at me askance whenever I pose the question. Just before I’ve fallen asleep I’ve had more ideas that I can count, among them being: a formula to knit Medieval angel wings, three different sweaters, two scarves, and quite likely a partride in a pear tree … actually, I bet I could knit that.

Anyway. A couple of nights ago, I was just about to doze off, and suddenly this –

– appeared in my head. I finally decided to draw it out tonight at Madame DeFarge’s. Its not going to be a pattern. Oh, no. It’s going to be a formula (yes, my madness knows no bounds) for any knitter to knit a sweater that fits them. Haha! I have it aalll figured out. I drew out the logistics tonight and knit a swatch with my Knit Picks Swish. I just may take all of my measurements tomorrow and figure out my pattern with said formula (I wanna try this before I force it on the public).

And the yarn draped across the notebook is the yarn I’m using in a surprise for my Magic Yarn Ball Swap (2) partner. Nope, won’t tell. I had to make up the pattern from an image on her wists. I love wists. I guestimate that I’m maybe 20% done with it. I have feeling that I’ve grossly underestimated the size it will be when finished. Oops? And, you know what, crafting anxiety is nothing on swap organizer anxiety. I’m so worried about my pairs and all that. Why do I do this to myself?

(that was a stupid question…)

Ohwell. Mum and I had an argument tonight. She forbade any knitting needles in the CRV – they had to be stored in the back/ trunk area. I delivered an ultimatum: Until I can knit in the car, she won’t recieve a single handknit item. She already started wavering once we were home, because she reallyreally wants an SKB. She even agreed to give up the boring grey wool she bought (shudder) so I could make Dad the fisherman’s sweater he keeps harping on about. So, now we’re on the lookout for a cotton/wool blend yarn to knit an SKB in. Once she lets me bring my damn needles up front.

In other news, I went button-crazy because I just loooove Dynamic Drive a little too much:

See? I was sneaky this time – I left the comp geek stuff for the end. hehe.

And, blast it, I’ve forgotten something. I don’t know what it is, but it’s bothering me. I’ll probably wake up at 4am and remember it…

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