“Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal.”
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

In honor of Prometheus, I have the flames graphed out in my knitting journal and the fennel in my sight. But, alas, the Visiknit cable generator doesn’t have either k2tog or ssk. Is there any other knit pattern graphing program on the net??? I really, really, don’t want to have to do this slowly by hand in photoshop or something similiar. Pleasepleaseplease tell me if you know of an easier way!

I didn’t take any pictures today of my progress, because it’d be mean to taunt you with my spice cookies (I love the holidays if only because I get to do holiday baking) and I can’t ruin the surprise of my MYB2 Swap package. So, er… Romantic art to the rescue!

Luckily, someone else in at home has decided of their own volition to do housework – mostly laundry and dishes, but now freed from those chores I actually managed to make a sit-down dinner and bake 3 dozen ginger-molassas cookies (yumyum) that will likely be gone by midnight tomorrow (er, tonight, actually).

I probably shouldn’t have eaten so many of said cookies as I took my measurements today (I couldn’t have an average figure if I tried, so why do I keep bothering?) in order to test my Saucy sweater formula. Don’t ask about the name. Remember this idea came to me as I was falling asleep about a fortnight ago and I think I was dreaming about pirates or pirate wenches or something. I’ve forgotten. Maybe it had something to do with POTC. But the name stuck like molassas, so that’s it.

Anyway, I am never ever going to want to knit with green yarn again. Ever. That’s the only clue you get for what I worked on today.

I desperately need to finish D’s gansey. And, umm, everything else on the sidebar.


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