Aside from the total hypocrisy and generations of lying the holiday embodies, I also just hate the crap it brings up. My parents are Jewish. You likely know that I harp on about their food-pushing ways quite frequently. Thanksgiving is the worst holiday because of these people. (I write this as I huddle over my laptop, hidden away from the kitchen.)

This year’s festivities have been made worse by the fact that Mum and I spearheading a Kosher Thanksgiving feast at the Rabbi’s house (somehow I was volunteered for this a week ago). Since we ARE eating turkey that means no dairy of any kind (do you know how hard it is to make a vegan pumpkin pie??). We also had to re-kosher the kitchen this afternoon so all the food we prepare can actually be classified as “kosher”.

My father and I hit The Sweet Life this afternoon (thank g-d we live in vegan-ville) because there’s no way in heaven or hell I’m going to make a stack of vegan pastries. I wouldn’t know where to start (I asked their bakers who said they use tofu for their pies – how do I not taste that??) and kind of don’t want to, since we’ve got 3 side dishes to prepare and snacks to make.

Mum wants to make challah (someone save me!).

Feh, I’ve got to go back to the salt mines. Don’t you dare ask how little knitting I’ve done today. I just might cry.

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