“Blushing is the color of virtue.”
Diogenes quotes (412 BCE -323 BCE)

And people wonder why I love pink. The Greeks got it. As did my partners in the Autumn Handspun Swap I organized a few months back. Tonight, whilst waiting TWO HOURS! for the bloody pumpkin pies to bloody well bake, I cast on a hat with some of the yarn I recieved. It makes me think of raspberries and chocolate:

And, once I was two inches into the hat, the damned oven alarm from HELL went off (can you tell I’m still stressed?) and I went into the kitchen with the hat and needles under one arm to rotate the pies. And do you know what I saw? Oooh, the nerve of some ingredients.

I saw an egg yolk poking up through the pumpkin filling, insolent as you please. I had had issues with this same egg earlier on when making the vegan pumpkin pie filling. I had set the kitchenaid mixer to HIGH (you might correctly guess that I am now covered in pumpkin as are the walls of our kitchen) to try and destroy the yoke sack and thought I had gotten it.

Clearly not.

Well, I wasn’t about to be defeated by an embryo, so I pulled out a whisk and beat it until it broke and then stirred it into the pie filling (again!). Likely one of the pies will be a bit more eggy than the other. That, I can live with. But, then the Thanksgiving Gremlin came back and made sure the pies took twice as long to cook. To the point that, at 2:30 am, my Mum just looked at me and said, “When the timer goes off this time, just turn the oven off. If they’re not cooked in the morning, we’ll try again.”

Mum was admitted defeat?

Bloody hell.

Seriously. I’ve seen this woman spend six hours battling a pie before.

And people wonder why I hate Thanksgiving.

Oh, and the hat is more than halfway done (I can’t spell, and that is how it got its name). Maybe I’ll finish knitting it tomorrow at the Rabbi’s whilst we wait for the turkey to bake. Someone kidnap me. Please.

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