“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000)

One week countdown begins now, for:

  1. The deadline for the ducky contest
  2. My birthday party (not to be confused with my birthday retreat, now rescheduled for the second weekend in January, 2007)

As I sat knitting and watching Chocolat I remembered that I had promised to hold a chocolate birthday party this year (I made this promise at M’s b-day party in August and, can you believe it?, I remembered!).

There are 7 days ’til I turn 22 and I actually remembered (not just my b-day, which is also an achievement; but the party thing, too). So, those of you who live anywhere near me are officially invited. I intend to prepare the traditional pollo en mole and provide a couple of other special chocolate dishes. Everyone invited is expected to bring at least one chocolate dish. You can bake it, dip it, or buy it – but bring chocolate.

The festivities will begin at 7 and likely continue until everyone can’t stand another bite. So, yeah. I plan on nagging if necessary. You better have a damn good excuse for missing it, s’all I can say.

And in a quick knitting update (we shan’t even talk of Thanksgiving, it makes me exhausted again just thinking about it) – I am halfway through my MYB2 Swap big item! (dances) I also ripped out that hat I was knitting with the loverly handspun from, er, this morning? No, yesterday morning. I’m gonna try again. I didn’t like the way it was turning out. Not even remotely good enough for the yarn. I’m also veryvery close to finishing L’s b-day present and I thought of what I could make Opus for her b-day (a day before L’s, btw). So… yeah. I need to get on with knitting their gifts.

Oh, it’s almost 4 AM. How did that happen? It was just midnight, I swear… But, here’s the little countdown clock thingy:

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