“A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it, is committing another mistake.”
K’ung-fu-tzu/ Confucius (551-479 BC)

You might have guessed that yesterday’s post didn’t quite fit with my blog. You’d be correct in such an assumption. Just before falling into bed, I remembered what knitting atrocity I wanted to post to Sicknits and got everything very carefully and methodically together.

Only to post it here.

Damn, I’m idiotic when I’m tired.

Anyway. Today I made a Project Resolution. Well, several, actually. It was when I heard D’s gansey sobbing in the corner because I had neglected it for over a week, and discovered that Shawn’s fleece (in a fit of rebelliousness) had thrown itself on the floor and thrown a tantrum, I decided that I needed to refocus my efforts. Prometheus, my Ruffles scarf, the Dalebarn Sweater of Doom, and Saucy are being put aside (you should have heard the cheering from my chair-side stash) until I finish all of the following:

  1. the MYB2 Swap package (handspun yarn and all)
  2. D’s gansey
  3. the Dulaan cap
  4. the little purple mittens for my physician’s son
  5. cleaning Shawn’s fleece
  6. ONE of my personal handspinning projects (preferably the Mermaid Karaoke)
  7. L’s b-day present
  8. and Opus’ b-day present

But, in slightly positive news, I have come up with the perfect solution for my MYB2 Swap handspun. I found out after I had started spinning that my partner held a deep longing for thick’n’thin yarn. The yarn I had spun (2 oz worth) was fine yarn and would likely be DK weight when plied (this fiber is poofy). But, Emmos and M (who had come to dinner tonight) suggested I use the fine yarn as binder for some thick’n’thin I can spin up with pencil roving. C’est réponse parfait. A solution that’ll make everyone happy.

As I mentioned above, M and Emmos came over for dinner tonight. We couldn’t have a regular Guild meeting, due to the Thanksgiving weekend, so I offered up the living room and food. Emmos picked up her HP Christmas Swap package today and was waiting to open it with us. So, I took pix (a lot of them) and promised to post them so Emmos could take them for her own usage (her camera was misbehaving). Here’s Emmos opening the box:

At first glance inside:

Emmos decided to open the tin first…
and we discovered it was full of Muggle Christmas crackers

Here’s what were in the crackers (which were quite fun to open, btw) – beads, costume jewelry, crowns and a bunch of HP jokes:

Next, Emmos pulled out this box, from Hagrid:

that was stuffed full of handpainted HP Christmas ornaments…
(my favourite was the Golden Snitch)

The next parcel had a knitted Hedwig, and Ron’s broken wand…

Then we found two sets of earrings in a small parcel:
(Sorcerer’s Stone earrings, and close-up…)

And Hedwig earrings…

Then came a Hedwig pillow with Harry, and a scarf to match Ron’s dress robes:

And the reverse side of the pillow:

A Hedwig hoody… (that Emmos specifically requested)
(and front:)

Wingardium Leviosa!

A picture of the wrapping carnage:

And all the contents of the package:

And, finally, a pic of us wearing the King’s Crowns and playing with some of the goodies:

There. I think that’s everything. And, if it isn’t, I’m too tired to type anymore (my fingers are starting to go numb…).


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