Before you love
Learn to run through the snow
Leaving no footprint

Turkish Proverb

Major squeeage here tonight in Eugene because we got snow, not once but, TWICE!!! Which is why the blog index gets snowflakes for 24 hours in celebration of the white joy :D

Because snow in the valley is a cause for celebration (you should have seen the knitter’s at Perugino’s tonight), I took pictures. Bet you thought I couldn’t be any dorkier. But it turns out I can and shall be so.

Charlie inspecting the weird white stuff in front of Ghettolicious:

Snow falling on the garden beds:

And, what I had previously thought was a UFO (it looked weird on my preview screen…):

Updates, updates. Lemme see. I am so close to finishing L’s b-day present. I probably could have managed it tonight, but nearly went insane with the constant garter-stitch as it was. So, I switched to Opus’ b-day present. I cast on and knitted for about 8 repeats before deciding I hated it and shoved it away (into my bag under the table). When I got back from Perugino’s, I finally started it again and got 1/4 through the yarn after an hour of knitting.

In other Knitting News:

Household Rejoices,
Impulsive Young Knitter Finishes Monotonous Project
I finally finished my “big” item for the center of my Magic Yarn Ball this afternoon. It looked so tiny on the needles, but I am glad to report that it blossomed exactly as I had hoped once blocked. Now, I don’t believe in ruining surpises, so this is the only hint you get:

Also in this column:

Knitting Madness Spreads
Holiday Knitting Creating Project Frenzy
M has actually started a … uh… thingy like the one above as a holiday gift for one of our friends. I can’t believe she actually looked at what I was doing and said, “I want to do that!” Clearly, my madness is catching.

I haven’t finished the other half of the yarn for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap yet, but I hope to do that tomorrow. Along with polishing off both the b-day presents. You may wonder why I am doing this to myself and, really, the three things that keep me working on these gifts are:

  1. they are presents for dear friends
  2. I get to knit them on my wonderful Latern Moon needles (drool)
  3. and, I’m using handspun

But, seriously, next year I’m sending them something from Africa that I didn’t make. Oy. Well, maybe not Opus. She started this fantastic tradition of knitting me a pair of socks every year about 3 years ago. I usually repay this effort by spinning her yarn. Maybe if I want to keep receiving handknit socks…


I’ll think about this later.

In Computer Geekyness News:

Knitter Stumped
Internet Explorer Demons Refuse to Emerge
I have gone through the coding for my blog more times than I can count. The problems with IE are still not identifiable. So far I have been informed that Firefox/ Mozilla and Safari, and heaven only knows why it won’t work on IE. I have managed to get the left column to not overlap the center column in IE. But the right column won’t show up no matter what I do (blarg), so I’ve just switched the content of the left and right columns as a temporary solution. This way, until I figure out what the heck the problem is, all the more “important” info will be visible on every browser. P has generously offered to check out my coding (which has changed since I sent it to her, sorry!) and I bet she’s better at this than me (have you seen her blog? coolness with the coding, man)

Wow. I’ve got my coding done and a post written and it’s only midnight. What shall I do with all this extra time I suddenly, unexpectedly, have?

Yep. You guessed it.


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