adj. trick·si·er, trick·si·est
1. Smartly attired; dapper.
2. Sportive; mischievous.
3. Crafty; cunning; devious.
4. Likely to cause trouble and therefore requiring special care or skilled, delicate treatment.

I woke up this morning and felt like someone was smothering me with a blanket. This feeling has only intensified since. I’ve taken two naps today and am slowly losing my voice. The same can be said for both my father, brother, and mother. They all were rasping as they tried to speak earlier.

Clearly, this disease is evil, petty, and tricksy.

But, now I won’t be surprised if anything else happens. It’s gone from stomach flu to strep throat to a chest infection. This is a devious bug.

And, I hereby apologize to everyone who came to my birthday party, and I reallyreally hope you don’t get sick.


Despite feeling like something nasty today, I did get a lot done. So far, I have:

  • made a Winter Handspun Yarn Swap spread-sheet
  • screwwed up said spread-sheet by saving it as an RTF
  • deleted said RTF file
  • rewritten the spread-sheet in DOC form (8 particpants? I can’t remember)
  • spun some more lace-weight Karaoke “Mermaid”
  • plied the too-thick “Mermaid” I had spun before…

  • spent hours search the ‘net for a pattern to include in my Magic Yarn Ball (making slooow progress on that one)
  • gotten everything ready to make the Magic Yarn Ball, once I find a bloody pattern at the right guage (I had found the perfect pattern, but it doesn’t work with the thick’n’thin yarn my partner wanted; I’m including it anyway)
  • ignored my email
  • searched all over the house for my niddy noddy (didn’t find it)
  • ignored the mess in the kitchen
  • eaten way too much chocolate
  • packed up both L’s and Opus’ b-day presents for shipping
  • ignored the fact that I need to set up that poll. yee-aah… sorry?
  • and made a pom-pom for the cabled Dulaan cap. It took me two tries, but eventually I figured it out. weird contraption.

I think that’s everything.

And the NyQuil’s kicking in finally. Goodnight.

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