Okay, even I cringed over that title. Much like I’m cringing over my complete HTML ineptness with this poll post. Forgive me if your screen is wonky. It’s definitely my fault. And, I swear, we will return to having our regularly scheduled quotes in this space tomorrow night.

Moving on. The time has come for you to choose a rock cast your ballot. The Rules of the Contest *pulls out dusty tome* were:

  • there is no limit on the number of photos entered (check),
  • the photos entered must have been taken by/ or of the entrant (check),
  • and the photo must involve DUCKIES (check).

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s review the entrants for the Wacky Ducky Contest:

Tamara entered several ducky photos, and here they are (providing Gmail will transfer the images…):


TheBon, who also entered several pix:

Now, voters are expected to choose the entrant whose picture(s) tickled them pinkest. I won’t vote (remember that post on cowardice? I’m also indecisive), but I emplore you to! Here’s a lovely little poll I got put together (hopefully it’ll work…). Now, VOTE!, before you read the rest of this post (I promise to have Knitting News waiting for you)

Wacky Ducky Contest
Clicky on ONE entrant to vote

St. M
Search The Internet

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled posting…

My new superhero/ villain name is UBER DORK! Why? Because:

  • I simultaneously managed to ship of both of L and Opus’ b-day gifts without including a note or birthday card in either parcel. I just emailed them so they don’t think the packages are mail bombs
  • I wrapped the pattern for my Magic Yarn Ball in the center of the ball. Thus, defeating the purpose of unwrapping it while knitting. Oh, yeah. I did.
  • I actually asked the nice postal worker if AK stood for Alaska or Arkansas
  • You don’t even want to know what I did to my knitting. Or spinning. You’ll cry. (I didn’t, but I’m still on DayQuil with a Robitussin chaser)

But, in Good News:
Penny (aka Penguin Girl) is being a little too nice to me and has promised to set me up with http://www.fyberduck.com. You might want to send her a message, warning her of my Uber Dorkyness, so she knows what she’s getting herself into. Though, I should really get brownie points for NOT making the “birds of a feather” comment I was reeaally tempted to put in right here. And, while we are in the middle of a Swap War (seriously, her words not mine), I already have plaaans involving grey wool and red… things. No *whispers* I can’t tell you what.

Moving on. I finished the left sleeve of D’s gansey!! I literally showed it to my family, like, 5 times tonight. Finishing a sleeve is a MAJOR accomplishment for me. Usually projects sit around for… uh, the longest period was 9 months… before I will make myself knit the sleeves. And, guess what??, I’m knitting the right sleeve! With only, like, 12 inches to go. *does little dance* I love knitting children’s clothes – they’re so tiny. Note to self: must cast on Baby-T’s jumper dress. And baby Bulldog’s… well, it’s a surprise.

I have to say, though, that I infinitely prefer knitting sleeves from the top->down. It’s easier for me to keep track of the decreases, somehow. My brain is broken when it comes to increases.

Oh! And St M got her Inuyasha Swap package! (squees) This is very important, since I was the one who organized the swap and, well, talked her into it. And, to be honest, I’ve lost track of the number of swappers signed up for the Winter Handspun Swap. But, sign-ups run until Dec 15, if you’re interested. Could I totally plug that more?

Nope. Because I am UBER DORK! Now all I need is a cape or something.

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