“Votes should be weighed, not counted”
Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805)

In 24 hours, or something approximate, I’ll be closing the poll. Vote for your favourite entrant!

And back to our regularly scheduled blogging. What did I do today? I made some serious headway on D’s little gansey (half a sleeve left!!) and went to TKS. This place is not a good place for me to visit. In fact, it might be on my Top Ten List of Bad Places For Me To Visit. How many balls of yarn, you ask?


Which, really if you think about it, isn’t toooo bad for me. Really. It isn’t. (I’m even typing this with a straight face and everything.) And it’s all DAD’S fault. Honest. He volunteered me for a fundraiser thing for the synagogue, claiming I could knit something they could auction off. To get revenge, I stipulated that he would be paying for the yarn and that I was getting more yarn than the pattern called for, because I have a very wicked idea. I finally found something perfect to make for Penny. Mwa. Ha. Ha.

She can’t argue (swap war) cuz she doesn’t know what it is! Mwahaha. Okay. A hint – it’ll be very useful every Friday night.

And no, it is NOT a knit Israeli flag (that would just be tacky and silly).

Anyway. Have you VOTED yet?

Other news. Hm. Not much to report. Other than the fact that the Winter Handspun Swap (could I plug this any more?) now has a round dozen participants with a week and a half of sign-ups left. Get in while the getting’s good! I’m thinking of capping it at twenty swappers.

Now, I must strap some steel to my backbone and force myself to go look at my inbox. Those mailing lists are getting annoying…

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