I just lost most of this post because my computer decided it didn’t want to play with me anymore. I’m not even going to try and type it again. It’s gone where all the missing socks go. But, yes, there are several things to announce sans quote, list of PNR’s, and other weird remarks.

I have finally completed all of my Pre-New Year’s Resolutions (that I CAN complete anyway). The gansey for D is being blocked in the sewing room as I type, and I’m fairly certain everyone have recieved their parcels. I still don’t have reviews on two, but I got them out. Here’s D’s gansey in it’s blocking glory:

And here is the progress I’ve made on Clapotis:


I’m still anxious over whether or not Opus and jezebel7383 liked my parcels, but the knitting helps. I also cannot switch over to Blogger Beta because, and I quote, “one of your blogs cannot be transferred at this time.” Likely this one, because of all the changes I’ve made to the template and such. Oy.

I have completely forgotten what I was going to mention tonight. I had typed it out… ohwell. Couldn’t have been that interesting. But, yes, I’m closing the poll now (right, ignoring it as of now, in reality) and it stands at:

Tamara (8) 27.59%
Crimson (1) 3.45%
Maura (1) 3.45%
Penny (2) 6.90%
TheBon (11) 37.93%
St. M (6) 20.69%
29 Total Votes

Soooo, everyone who entered send me your address via email along with 3 fav colours and whether or not you knit or crochet. Specifically – TheBon, Tamara, and St M tell me what kind of handspun yarn you want (weight, content, style). Thank you, everyone, for entering! It was certainly very entertaining to see what cool pix you could come up with.

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