I was woken this morning by the postwoman ringing our doorbell. I immediately ran to the door (in my pajamas and with morning hair no one should ever have/or see) and squeed with delight because my Magic Yarn Ball Swap package had arrived. I thanked her, grabbed it, and ran over to the living room floor to open it.

Brace yourself. The wondrousness of this package is … well, OMG. I opened the box and saw that there were, not one but, THREE balls of – okay, are you sitting down? yes, I’m serious – Blue Moon Socks That Rock heavyweight yarn (colourway “Highway” pink and green!) AND a copy of the pattern for Clapotis:

After sitting there whilst holding (okay, clutching) the first ball, my Mum came upstairs and asked, “Is that your swap package?” To which I then replied, “I am unworthy!”

“That good, huh?”

OMG. Moving on…

I handed her one of the magic yarn balls, and she went “oh, my!”


Now, if anyone thought I was actually going to unwind my balls while knitting, they were vastly mistaken. ha! I sat there, in my pajamas (family members wandered in and out wondering why I was squeeing so loudly). Here’s WHY I was resisting the urge to run around the neighborhood, randomly grabbing stranges and showing them my new pretties:

The list of fantastic (I mean that in every sense of the word) goodies:

  • 3 balls of Blue Moon Socks That Rock yarn (I cannot even squee over this enough) in my favorite colours!
  • a handknit pouch with floating candles
  • Clover stitch markers, a chibi, needle protectors, and a row counter
  • Burt’s Bees hand salve and chapstick (how did she know I was running out?? She stalked me well)
  • A mini keychain Sharpie
  • and sandalwood soap that made everything smell just wonderful

So, you’re probably guessing that I’m feeling like I need to send her more yarn at the very least. I handspun her some baby alpaca/ shetland goodness, but don’t feel like it was even close to being as wondrous. While I wait for her to reply what kind of yarn she’d like, I think I’ll go and cast on Clapotis…

(after I show the neighbors my lovely yarn, of course)

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