For Satan finds some mischief still,
For idle hands to do
Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

It started with Clash of the Titans. Then Gladiator (which, admittedly, wasn’t too bad). Then Troy. Alexander. And, now?

The worst yet: 300. I DARE you to watch the preview.

As a Classicist I both cringed and shrieked with laughter. While I’ll admit Elephants were used in battle by many of the ancient African and Asiatic countries, I’ve never run across a reference to Battle Rhynoceroi. If you do find one (in Greek, Latin, Aramaic/Hebrew, French, Spanish or Italian), please let me know. Hell, if you find it in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, I’ve got a dictionary and grammar book somewhere around here… And I know someone who speaks Sanskrit, too.


Not much progress has been made today on my knits or handspinning. I’ve fallen prey to the reading bug, finally. For the past year I have dispaired that I might have actually lost my love of the written word. I did love everything I learned in Uni, and I value all my various references – but I’ve been battling a reading lethargy for some time. Certain books, usually ones I’d read more than once, I would pick up and randomly read for a chapter or two. But, that seemed to be the limit of my interest for a while.

Well, that changed today.

I actually found a copy of No Idle Hands: A Social History of American Knittingat the EPL today and literally snatched it up. I’m to page a hundred-and-something and am still completely fascinated (something that hasn’t happened in a while, alas). The various historical references to Martha Washington (and other Generals’ wives) knitting for the Revolutionary Army were fantastic.

Once I finish it, I’m going to try and read my A History of Homespun again (I’ve used it as a reference more times than I can count, but have never read it all). I also need to finish the second half of A History of Handknitting (technically I’ve read it all, just not for pleasure – which means it just doesn’t count in my weird little world).

But, to make up for this lack of knitting progress or pretty pictures of lovely yarns and fleeces, I come bearing another baby picture. Couldn’t you just plotz? (see how I work in new Yiddish vocabularly?). Here’s my sister and her daughter, baby T:

Seriously. Plotz. It’s good for you ;D

A parting note – I did make some progress on the Wacky Ducky contest prizes today – I found the perfect yarn for Crimson. I’m gonna try and ship all the prizes out by the end of the week. Scout’s honour. I also promised someone(?) (remind me if you know who) that I’d set up an actual Wacky Ducky Contest page somewhere. Likely wordpress. Which, uh, I need to finish transferring to.

Maybe I should write it on the back of my hand…

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