I reject your reality and substitute my own.
Adam Savage (Mythbusters)
– to fall apart or down from a strong emotion, such as frustration or annoyance
Etymology: Yiddish. platsen

Even I mocked myself tonight when I skeined this:

… off of the bobbin it had been plied on.

See, the yarn above is my reject yarn. I pulled it from my lace Karaoke “Mermaid” stock, because it was too thick. Yeeaah. In retrospect, maybe I misjudged it’s thickness.

Just a bit.

Anyway. I have confirmed a suspicion I have long held about myself. I do, indeed, do my best work when it’s for someone else. I dyed yarn for Maura the other night and have been doing my best not to stuff it back into my stash. Tonight, I spun yarn for Tamara that I… I’m having moral compunctions about. I want it. But, it’s for Tamara. So, to ensure my good behavior, I’m posting a teaser pic – that way we’ll all know if I send her something else…

Two episodes of The X-Files helped me a bit. I also cast on and got several inches done on L’s surprise during another episode. Hopefully, I’ll get it done to send in time for Christmas. The mystery Judaica item is coming along. The “body” is a third done. I think I may just manage to finish it by the 21st.


Anything’s possible, right?

Moving on. Clapotis sings its siren song constantly, and I am not immune. After several hours of knitting this afternoon (and evening) I’m officially 1/2 done. And that time estimate also includes all the petting time I gave myself to stroke the finished half.

I visited my psychologist today. My clinical depression was only worsened by the fact that I have gained 20 pounds in a month and a half (dating exactly to my medication change-over). Now, I admit that I have always been a bit on the zoftig side, but this is just unacceptable. So, medication change is in the works, light therapy has been ordered, and I need to actually make myself get out of bed (or off of my chair knitting) and get some bloody exercise.

I’m also going to have to stop baking, which is just tragic during the holidays. Tho, if I make things my brother loves, they’re usually gone before I get a serving. (I made 6 banana bread mini loaves last night – all but one are gone, and I didn’t eat them. Dad claims to have seen my brother walking off with entire loaves several times this afternoon)

But, to cheer myself up, I bear baby pictures of baby T! Dad actually giggles (it’s kinda creepy actually) every time he sees one of these…

Now, don’t you want to coo and speak gibberish in baby talk?

Me too.

A final note: I have 16 spinners signed up for the Winter Handspun Swap!! That’s 4 more than the last time, and there’s still 4 days left.

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