Tricks and treachery are merely proofs of lack of skill
François de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

Blogger Beta keeps teasing me. Little buttons everywhere to ‘switch’, only when I click on ’em I’m informed that I can’t. *rolls eyes* I’d like to switch, anyway, because it’s the google-revised server and it has neat-o things like tags. *le sigh*


Watched The Da Vinci Code tonight. You don’t want my review on it. I’m mean, and quite cruel, when it comes to certain things like incorrect Latin grammar and other weird little things, like historical accuracy.

Moving on. Mum and I went across town (the town lines even) today trying to find a 10,000 lux lamp thingy to cure my S.A.D. Finally found one at Jerry’s. You don’t want to know what we paid for it. This thing better damn well work, is all I can say. (And, I have never wanted to be in Africa more than during this winter. Could this town get any greyer???)

Last night, after posting, I spent an hour and a half working on the project I now sardonically lovingly call “that Judaica thingy”. Only to discover during the siege of Jerusalem (I listened to Kingdom of Heaven on the TV), that I had, in fact, made a grave error 3 rows back. Apparently, me looking up every so often to watch Orlando get dusty and sweaty wasn’t too good for my knitting (it’s not my fault that chain mail is hot).


So, I spent an hour tonight fixing it and reknitting the incorrect section. And then managed to make another mistake when Emms put Kingdom of Heaven on (HBO keeps playing it…) while we waited for Mum and Dad to sit down. And, since I’m not willing to test this theory of KOH + knitting = bad juju further, I must concede that I can’t knit while watching Kingdom of Heaven. Before you say it’s Orlando’s fault, I can prove it’s not – since I can watch other movies with Orlando w/o any difficulty (I just don’t focus on Orlando in POTC, cuz his character acts like a ponce – and who notices anything but J Sparrow in eyeliner, anyway?? And, well, Legolas is an elf. ‘Nuff said. )

This means I’m going to have to start a list of knitting movies and movies I definitely shouldn’t even try to knit during. Amelie and Kingdom of Heaven are definitely not knitting movies. While, LOTR and POTC appear to be perfect.

Maybe I should write a treatise on what makes a good knitting movie.


Back to “that Judaica thingy”. I rewarded myself for fixing the mistake of doom, and knitting for an inch past it, by letting myself knit to my heart’s content on clapotis. I did all this (while making sarcastic comments) during The Da Vinci Code (which, thankfully, replaced KOH).

Trust me… You never, ever, want to watch a movie with me.

At this point, I have 10 dropped stitches. Here’s a psuedo-artistic shot to prove I’m not lying:

I can’t wait to finish it so I can wear it! It’s so soft and pretty.

In other fantastic news, Dulcinea has posted a tutorial on how to make a Fat Quarter Needle Rolls at my request (I’m sending her daughter [new spinner!!] a box of roving at the end of the week, when I send out all the Wacky Ducky Contest prizes). I can’t wait to print the tute out and try it. I have toooons of fabric I’ve been hoarding for this exact purpose.

Mwa. Ha. Ha.

My plan for world domination through knitting shall soon be realised.

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