The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

Makes me think of my Latin classes, actually, tonight’s quote. It used to drive our professors crazy how difficult we’d make the homework for ourselves. Rather like tangling up a skein of yarn that had been quite neat and orderly until touched.

Anyway. Tonight was the Guild’s weekly meeting, held at TheBon’s house for kicks. The Christmas/ 3rd-night-of-Channukah/ Winter Solstice present exchange was also expected. I gave everyone their gifts and they seemed quite pleased (thank goodness) and Emmos issued The Challenge as her gift to us all (to be fair, she did pay for the roving – merino/tussah!!). I can’t tell you who my target is, but I’m liking this idea. We need more challenges like this.

St M and TheBon were a bit more conventional with their gifts (like me). Here’s the whole lot, including The Challenge merino/tussah top:

The PINK! ducky and sheepy markers were from Bon, and the too cute (and very warm, I might add happily) wristwarmers were from St M. I am also happy to report that I can knit whilst wearing these wrist warmers, so I am chipper winter knitter indeed. And here’s a close-up of the kawaii sheepy stitch markers (which rightfully should go into my “flock” but I like ’em too much not to use them…):

I only managed to bring cookies to the potluck tonight. When I woke up almost all the pumpkin and banana bread loaves were gone! The only ones saved from consumption were the ones I had actually labelled for D. *le sigh*


Ohwell. The cookies were popular, anyway.

Clapotis is going well, tho I am informed that my yarn is rather thinner than what the pattern calls for. Pfft. I like my yarn better. It doesn’t felt. It just’ll take more straight rows repeats than I’d originally thought. Which is fine, since I’m not even onto the 3rd skein yet. It’s over 76″ long, but I like my wraps to actually, you know, wrap around me and … well, I’m busty on top. Really busty. So… yeah, 5 more Straight Rows repeats and I’m moving onto the decreases.

The lace mitts are coming along well, and would be coming along a lot faster if I didn’t keep putting the one I’m knitting on my wrist every so often to admire the Companula lace as it deserves.

Right. After scouring the house tomorrow, I am bound a determined to ship off the package for my sister, the roving for A, Maura’s yarn and needles, and Tamara‘s yarn and needles. And, I (hopefully) shall finish Crimson’s yarn and … uh… thingy. No hints. Well, alright… It’s piratey, in the worst way.


I think that’s everything. Oh, reminder to self: figure out what we’re going to make for TheBon as her Wacky Ducky Contest prize. And for P, too.

I’m refering to myself in the plural. It’s a good thing I’m planning on making an appointment with a psychiatrist tomorrow for my Peace Corps exams. And we shouldn’t forget to book appointments with the dentist, optometrist, and Dr W, either.

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