“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Strangely, that quote is comforting to me right now.

After vacuuming the house today (a magnificent feat in and of itself since our dog is half Boder Collie), I managed to package up all the parcels I have ready to send out. Maura and Tamara‘s Wacky Ducky Contest prizes will be going out tomorrow, along with a box of fiber for an aspiring new spinner and a box of handmade goodies for my niece and nephew. I am bound and determined that I will make it to the Post Office and somehow manage to overcome the hoard.

Anyway. Speaking of parcels… I got my Channukah package from Crimson! She’s so cool, she even packaged up eight different gifts for each night of Channukah. I… well, I was going to open one a night but my family goaded me into opening them all at once. Damn them. I was trying so hard to be good.

So, here are my eight lovely prezzies with the packages that will be shipped (come Hell or highwater) tomorrow:

Rubber ducky stickers, buttons! (squee), and bells. A sheepy cross stitch ornament and an “I *heart* sheep” nicknack :D (both of which have been assimilated into the flock and are making friends), a pirate shot glass (this’ll be seeing some use come New Year’s), a crocheted flower (meant to be a pin, but I have Cloche plans for it, mwahaha), and (yay!!) an alpaca calorimetry from the recent knitty. I took a very bad picture of myself wearing it, I assure you it looks better when I’m not the one photographing it.

(it also has a pirate button!)

All these loverly gifts made me want to finish Crimson’s Christmas gifts and Wacky Ducky Contest prize even more (not that I got to, the house was a mess) so I ironed the fabric in question after the Madame Defarge’s Christmas Party this evening. I’m going to be very cantakerous tomorrow if I don’t finally get a chance to sew.

Yes, Madame DeFarge’s Christmas Party was tonight. We arrived an hour late (so fashionable we are, I know) and were the last to leave. Classy. Anyway. Was tons of fun. St M and D had fun teasing Janis’ pets. I worked on my lace mitt and am happy to report that I am nearly done with it. I had to tink back, oh, I think it was 3 times. D and I kept deciding that we didn’t like this or that and that I needed to start again on the hand. Right-o.

I just finished a movie with Mum, another set of Straight Rows on clapotis, and I’d like to go to bed now. So, good night (or morning or afternoon) and I think I’ll close with this duck story P sent to me.

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