The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.
Christian Dior

Aside from it being my favorite colour, I’m tickled pink by this photograph TheBon took whilst battling my ancient digicam:

It’s always nice to know that it is it and not you. And to prove that some adjectives just don’t fully express the absolute dejected nature of Eugenian winter weather.

Anyway. Today was interesting. Bon and I kidnapped St M from TKS for lunch today (we didn’t make it far as it was quite nippy and I’m apparently more cold sensitive than I’d realised). At some point, on a chocolate run, Bon and I went outside (brrr) to take some “action shots” of the clapotis and lace mitts. I think I’m going to salvage my bruised pride (we shan’t talk about my recent weight gain), by putting my favorite shot first:

And, then this one, which makes me wince a bit:

Right before we dashed back inside, so I might regain feeling in my appendages, Bon took two pix of my lace mitts. I have to include them both cuz I’m just crazy that way, and I like the angle of the first one:

Which is, admittedly, not necessarily a full shot. But, Bon remedied that with this:

There. Thank you, Bon!

Aside from freezing half to death and consuming too much chocolate (I assure you it was for medicinal purposes), I also helped Bon pick out yarn for Eunny’s Anemoi mittens. She’s gonna have the most kick@ss mittens ever. Seriously.

And, brownie point to me!, I actually managed to escape the yarn shop without buying yarn. I did buy a book (First Book of Modern Lace Knitting). I also looked through every lace book they had, and put ’em back. Including Victorian Lace Today (again, brownie point to me).

After that, things get a bit blurry. There was the Great Shiitake Hunt of 2006 and a very scrumptuous dinner, the preparation of which lead me to fall in love with Ariel wine. G-d help me, it’s good. It’s also non-alchoholic, so I can actually keep it in the house.

It’s 4 am. I think I’m going back to sleep again (not enough sleep last night and what could be construed as a long nap later make for a weird schedule).

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