“Don’t Panic”
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

I wonder whether Douglas Adams would apply that same philosophy to haircuts?

It hardly matters, since the stuff grows back eventually. And mine, weirdly and annoying enough, grows really thick and really quickly. So, today I looked at my mother emploringly and asked, “Weren’t we going to look for a hair salon today?”

I don’t regret my choice to ask the question (as I was looking worse than shaggy), but I think I should have prepped myself better. For the final product, I mean. The 3 “salons” we ran as far away as possible from were bad enough. We finally found a very decent (read: expensive and trendy) place and got appointments for later that day. We ended up spending the time at Borders – Mum read and I read and knit. (You honestly think I was turning that chance up?)

I also had the great presence of mind to buy a hair magazine to pick something out from and shove at my stylist.

We went short. And I mean short.

You could tell I needed a haircut from the way the people at the salon eyed my hair. Mum’s stylist, who was ready first, looked like she wanted to start on me first. At least Mum’s hair looked intentional. Mine just looked like it was revolting, a La Marseillaise.

My stylist was young and friendly and chatty and spent a great deal of time working on my hair. Just, like, whoa. She was determined. And, I feel bad, because I must have dampened her spirits just a bit when I first put my glasses back and on and went “OH”. I quickly recovered and told a little white lie.

I did like the hair cut. I hated the fact that she had put wax in it and crimped it (I fixed this as soon as I got back to the car) and done baby bangs (now shorn off unevenly, helping the layered effect). So, now I look like this:

(spindle rack, lace book and iPod
can be seen as my backdrop)

I think she was jealous when I wrapped my clapotis up around my head and neck, because she kept teasing me about it. Also, hahaha, two very stylish women (with pashmina’s of their own) were embarassed when I caught them eyeing my precious.

Once we got home, I settled in to spin (I finally found a seat in the house that is at a comfortable height to spin at) for several hours. I then blocked these three:

No specs, sorry. Two are for a Winter Handspun swap partner and the other is for a gift for a family member (who, sometimes, reads this e-rag). As for the knitting/ baking blog support – now I need to get my cocoa/ chocolate chip cookie recipe down…

And I need to get the girls to start an exercise group, so I don’t go off to the Peace Corps even more over weight… Iee. Anyone up for it??

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