Genius is always allowed some leeway, once the hammer has been pried from its hands and the blood has been cleaned up.
Terry Pratchett

Which was why I didn’t strangle St M when she tracked purple dye all over my freshly scrubbed kitchen floor. See? I do have patience. Just not with anyone who claims wool is Immoral (yes, with a capital “I”) or has the surname ‘Bush’.


Tonight TheBon and St M came over for the “Guild meeting” – which it really wasn’t. It was pizza and junk food and a lot of fiber dyeing. It was also the time for The Announcement. *sigh*

We’re moving. Mum and Dad declared on Saturday that we’re moving to Olympia, Washington by the end of June. May is preferable. I just sort of stared at them and went, “uh huh”. Thinking, oh not again. This was all eerily reminiscent of their spontaneous decision to move us from Washington, D.C. to Eugene, OR in the spring of 2001. So, again, I got the fun job of explaining this to everyone I know.

Joy. The fact that TheBon’s wedding is in late June is not making me happy about the timing of my parents’ geographic cure. Hopefully, I can find somewhere to crash in town for the whole thing. And now I am bound and determined to dye my hair with turquoise and orange streaks (their wedding colours are chocolate, turquoise and dark orange) just because dammit.

Anyway, I totally derailed… Back to tonight’s “meeting”. We decided to experiment with TheBon’s new dyes and my extremely old ones. On the first run with TheBon’s dyes, I volunteered up my white Navajo Churro roving. Only for us to discover that it was the Roving Roll of Mysteries. Apparently, it had no ‘end’:

So, we just started ripping it off in chunks. Bugr’it.

Here’s the results we got after 3 hours of dyeing (I can’t go into details since some of the wool below is intended for the Winter Handspun Swap).

… yeah. Dyed stuff and moving stuff. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

So, avoiding the subject, I’m going onto a new topic. I’m visiting my sister in the Bay Area (actually I’m visiting Tegan! *squee*) from February 20 – 27 (ish), at the exact same time as Stitches West. Hehehe. TheBon and I are going down by train.

I’m already contemplating what I should be shopping for. Yarn really is out of the question. I strayed into the stash again today, and nearly didn’t make it out again. It’s evolving. I need to get a large stick to beat it with periodically.

But, I’d love any reviews on sock blockers, or lace blocking wires, or any sort of gadget I normally wouldn’t treat myself to (actually, my sister has promised me a b-day gift…). No books, either. The library is breeding, as well. I need to start culling my stock.

I’m afraid to clean my room because of this. I’m really worried what I might uncover. Oy. I did, however, scrub the kitchen floor today (never want to do that again) just in time for St M to track purple dye all over it (actually it was “Wild Iris”…). Yeah, I’m not really annoyed, I just love joshing her. And, because of all the cleaning and walking (I did 1.5 mi) I ended up taking 3 showers today on top of cleaning the house. So, for once, the house and I are actually so clean we squeak in places (my hair is driving me crazy, I am NEVER going this short ever again).

Sooo… yeah. I need to go to bed now. Night night.

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